Best freshwater tropical fish for Beginners

Which One Is Best For Beginners??

Hi, i would like some fresh recommendations on what starter kit is best for someone that doesn't know anything about fishes. I would just like a simple desktop set-up without spending too much. (budget is around $60 without fish)

I thought about getting a betta fish, but they somehow look very boring so i decided to ether get neon tetras, Glowfishes, Zebra Danios, tiger barb etc.

My budget is very limited and im looking at these products but cant decide on which one.

Eclipse Hexagon 5 Aquarium by Marineland

Aqueon Mini Bow Desktop Aquarium Kits

Top Fin® Aquascene 5 Aquarium Kit

And im also guessing the only thing i need to buy are food and a heater, or is there something in these starter kits thats missing?

Hi welcome to FishLore!!
I have the 5g hex. I found it hard to clean properly with a syphon and it scratched easily.
If you want to look at 5g's check out walmart. I think their kits are less and are a nice shape.
Sadly, none of the fish you mention except for the betta is suitable for a 5g.
The pictures on the boxes showing all those fish are really deceiving.

For a couple of more dollars, you can get a 10g kit from walmart which should be good for some neons.

I don't think any of the kits linked to come with heaters.

Good luck!

I agree with lucy. If you spend just a few more dollars you can have a 10 gallon from walmart. With a 10 gallon, you could hold a few more fish than those 5 gallons and the cleaning would probably be easier.

Yes you should get a 10 gallon from walmart because there only about $10. You will also need to buy a light hood ($20) and a heater ($15) and filter ($15) which sums up to 55 dollars but you will have a bigger tank and you will be able to keep more fish.

Pets stores are generally full of

by Rain_Girl

Diseases and you will end up with problems. I worked for one for several years and I've had many many fish tanks of all kinds.
You can get a tank anywhere and clean it with a vinegar and water solution and rinse well. Glass is good for freshwater and acrylic is good for saltwater.
As for fish, go on google and look up the types of fish you're interested in (goldfish, tropical, cichlids, saltwater, etc) and find clubs or message boards where you can ask about a reputable store to purchase from.

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