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Internal versus External Fish Tank Filter

canister filterFiltration systems in saltwater aquariums usually consist of a pump, and a trickle filter with bio balls. A trickle filter is an acrylic water reservoir with a series of bio balls, and a fiber floss filter. The water pump transfers water from the reservoir into the tank, and an overflow siphon brings new water from the tank and trickles it over the biospheres before it collects back in the reservoir.

Freshwater filtration is just as complex as that for saltwater systems. It is the water maintenance that differs. The basic job of a filtration system is to promote the nitrogen cycle of the aquarium, and to remove debris and other particles from the aquarium. For the most part, freshwater aquariums are based on one of two major filtration systems: under gravel filters and box overflow filters (the ones that hang on the back of the aquarium).

, and are most commonly made of glass. Aquariums also can be made of acrylic, fiberglass, plywood, and concrete.

Differences Between Internal and External Fish Tank Filters

  1. Internal tanks tend to creates more current than the external tank.
  2. Externals maintenance are easy but internal is easier to clean because it doesn’t need to turn off & disconnect any pipes.
  3. Externals are fit outside the tank and internal is fit inside the tank.
  4. Externals are will not affect the beauty of aquarium.
  5. External are big then internal.
  6. External needs a big motor to run – flow and also powerful.
  7. External are expensive then internal.
  8. Thermo filters eliminate the requirement for an internal heater. (If you choose a “thermo” model )

Canister Tank Filter

undergravel filterCanister filters are rather simple devices. They compose of a canister, to which aquarium water is pumped under high pressures. The canister contains a filter which provides the filtration of aquarium water. These units are generally separate from the aquarium. They provide either mechanical, chemical, or biological filtration, or a combination of the above. Typical flow rates for these filters range from about 100 to 900 gallons per hour., to boot.

Protein Skimmers

Protein foam skimmers are one of the most effective filtration devices made. They are external to the aquarium, and utilize a rather simplistic phenomenon. Protein skimmers consist of a main cylindrical unit, which contains an air stone. The air stone provides fine bubbles which slowly rise to the top of the cylinder, collecting proteins and other organic compounds on their surface.

Wet/Dry Trickle Filters

Among the most popular filtration systems is the “wet/dry” trickle filter. As with box filters, these filters rely on an initial mechanical filtration provided by fiber-floss, which sits just above the trickle filter .

Under Gravel Filters

Under gravel filters are biological filters which rely on bacterial colonization. Simply put, these filters consist of a panel with many holes, which covers the bottom of the aquarium, a filter media, several (generally 4 to 6) uplift tubes, and an air lift or power pump.

Reverse Flow Under gravel Filters

These filters operate similarly to regular under gravel filters, with the exception of the water flow path.

Pets stores are generally full of

by Rain_Girl

Diseases and you will end up with problems. I worked for one for several years and I've had many many fish tanks of all kinds.
You can get a tank anywhere and clean it with a vinegar and water solution and rinse well. Glass is good for freshwater and acrylic is good for saltwater.
As for fish, go on google and look up the types of fish you're interested in (goldfish, tropical, cichlids, saltwater, etc) and find clubs or message boards where you can ask about a reputable store to purchase from.

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