Are Tropical fish saltwater or freshwater

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Yellow and white clownfishTropical fish are classified into tropical freshwater fish and tropical saltwater fish. Most people keep tropical freshwater fish, but interest in the more exotic tropical saltwater fish is growing. Tropical saltwater fish are also called marine fish, and they are some of the most fascinating and colorful animals in the world. A lot of these fish look like they have been painted with very bright and vivid colors. They also tend to vary more in shape and size than their freshwater counterparts – often looking very unusual and exotic. Furthermore, their swimming and socializing habits are very different as well.

In the wild, saltwater fish live in oceans and seas while freshwater fish are found in rivers and lakes. Saltwater fish are a bit harder to find (they are however available at Pet World) and take a little more work to maintain than freshwater fish, but having these exotic creatures thrive in your home makes the little bit of extra time and work well worth it. Here is a list of some of the most popular saltwater fish that people keep: saltwater angelfish, saltwater puffer fish, dragon eels, dragon gobies, damsels, and clownfish (personified by Nemo the clownfish from the popular movie “Finding Nemo”).

Red and White ClownfishAs you might expect, maintenance of saltwater fish is a little different than that for freshwater fish. However, a lot of the basics are still the same. As with freshwater fish aquariums, you will need a filter system, a heater, and a thermometer. An under-gravel carbon-type power or pump filter is a good choice for a filter system. You would also set the tank up just as you would a freshwater tank: put the under-gravel filter plate flat on the bottom of the tank, rinse out the gravel, add the gravel into the aquarium to a depth of about 2 inches on top of the under-gravel filter plate, and then hook up your filter, pump, and heater.

Next, fill the tank up with water. Then, plug everything in and try to set the tank temperature to about 78 degrees (a range from 76 to 80 degrees is usually fine), which is a good average temperature for most saltwater fish. PH levels vary for different types of saltwater fish and need to be looked up, or you can ask us when you decide which of type of saltwater fish you get. After making sure you have a tank water temperature of around 78 degrees and that the water is clear, you are ready to move on. Bring in a tank water sample of about 8 ounces to us to get it tested, just to make sure that everything is okay. You may want to invest in a test kit to test your tank water regularly, or you can bring it in to Pet World and get it tested regularly.

Tropical Fish Setting Up and Maintaining Freshwater and Marine Aquaria
Book (Octopus Books Ltd)

Pets stores are generally full of

by Rain_Girl

Diseases and you will end up with problems. I worked for one for several years and I've had many many fish tanks of all kinds.
You can get a tank anywhere and clean it with a vinegar and water solution and rinse well. Glass is good for freshwater and acrylic is good for saltwater.
As for fish, go on google and look up the types of fish you're interested in (goldfish, tropical, cichlids, saltwater, etc) and find clubs or message boards where you can ask about a reputable store to purchase from.

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