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Largest Selection of Freshwater Fish and Supplies West of the Rockies!

Here at The Wet Spot Tropical Fish store, rooted on the West Coast and lovingly grown in Portland, Oregon, our goal is to make the aquarium hobby fun and accessible to everyone. We pride ourselves in providing only the best fish and aquarium supplies. We have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, and we strive to form long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our dedication and specialization in freshwater fish has resulted in an unparalleled selection of fish, both popular types and exotic fish—hard to find anywhere else. People drive for hours to shop at our store but don’t worry, we ship anywhere in the United States.

cameo konfrst product photo Pseudomugil_cf_paskaiThere are a variety of features that set The Wet Spot on a different tier than many other aquatic stores. One major thing is our selection, quality, and health of our fish. We are able to provide these standards in our fish livestock because we don’t transship fish and all of our tanks are individually filtered, NOT run off of one central filtration system. Come experience The Wet Spot for yourself and see the difference!

The Wet Spot began with Marcie Rivera, who had a vision of making the aquarium hobby fun and accessible to everyone. Because of her passion, the Wet Spot has become the largest freshwater fish store west of the Rockies.

Tropical Fish Setting Up and Maintaining Freshwater and Marine Aquaria
Book (Octopus Books Ltd)

Visit to Portland

by mekotessa

Over the weekend my bodfriend, my dog, and myself all took a trip to Portland Oregon. My boyfriend is a "tropical fish hobbyist" and Portland has some of the largest freshwater pet stores in the west coast, so he was dieing to check them out. We all had a BLAST. Portland is such a great place to visit with pets. There are TONS...TONS...TONS of offleash dog parks and even restaurants you can take your dogs into. Pet owners are very responsible with their pets and we never encountered an "inappropriately" behaving dog! Plus, there are countless pet stores!! I want to move there SOOOO BADDD!!!
Here are some pictures from the trip

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