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All About Tropical Fish Tanks

An overview of tropical fish tanks, what they are, and the pros/cons of keeping one.

Are you considering getting a tropical fish tank? Keeping tropical fish is a pleasurable hobby for families around the world. While keeping fish as pets has been a tradition going back to ancient Egypt and China, keeping tropical fish as pets is a much more recent hobby. Why? Because tropical fish are fish that live in warm water. For tropical freshwater fish, ideal temperatures revolve around 76 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (24.5 to 26.7 degrees Celsius). Tropical marine (saltwater) fish enjoy their temperature a little bit warmer at 80 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit (26.7 to 27.8 degrees Celsius). This article will be focusing on tropical freshwater fish tanks.

What about the different kinds of fish tanks?

Tropical freshwater fish aren't the only kind of fish that you can keep in an aquarium in your home. We already mentioned tropical saltwater fish. Your other options are:

  • coldwater freshwater fish
  • tropical marine fish
  • coldwater marine fish
  • keeping reef tanks

Coldwater freshwater fish are also popular with fish hobbyists. The ubiquitous goldfish is a good example of a coldwater freshwater fish. Tropical marine fish are also kept by fish hobbyists. A clownfish is a good example of why they're so popular with their bright colors. Not all Marine fish are tropical; however, a popular coldwater marine fish is the Blenny. Marine fish tanks are challenging to maintain, namely because the water chemistry is hard to manage (and we're not just limited to the salt levels here). Marine fish are usually more sensitive to changes in their environment because out in the open water they aren't usually subjected to big changes.

Not content to just keep fish in their tanks, many hobbyists will keep planted aquariums. Some hobbyists keep living coral in their tanks; we call them reef tanks. An in-between tank (in between fish-only (FO) and the reef) is called the FOWLR (Fish Only With Live Rock). Sounds like an oxymoron, but the FO basically means that they aren't trying to grow live coral. Keeping reef tanks are extremely hard to manage and therefore are the bane of novice fish hobbyists but the holy grail for those up to a challenge.

Why go with Tropical Fish?

People decide to go with tropical fish for the following reasons:

  • More choices and typically more brightly colored fish than coldwater freshwater fish
  • Easier to care for than either tropical or coldwater marine fish
  • Much simpler than having a reef aquarium

So excited, got a new fish tank

by cwa

I got into tropical fish for the first time in many years a few months ago. Set up a beautiful 16 gallon tank and have a few fish in it but it isn't near big enough. We were going to pick up a used 55g tank but the brace across the top is broken and I just didn't want to chance trying to fix it and it still blowing out. Convinced my DH that we need to get a new tank. He called Petsmart and they had a 55g tank kit, complete with filter, heater, hoods, everything for $160 on sale! He rushed me there and we brought it home as my early Mother's Day present. Have to wait until tomorrow to make the stand and get it all set up though

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