Why are tropical fish brightly colored?

What should I feed my tropical fish?

It’s very important to understand the eating requirements of tropical fish. Not only do you need to know what they eat, but also how often and how much they need.
Do not feed more than twice per day and only put enough food into the tank to last for 2-3 minutes. The reason for this is that any uneaten fish food will simply sink to the bottom and rot, causing the water to go murky and produce more algae.

It is better to feed your tropical fish too little fish food than too much, as overfeeding can cause bloating in tropical fish. If you notice your fish swimming upside down near the surface of the water, this is a clear sign that they have eaten too much. This can correct itself, but if it happens too often it can cause the death of your tropical fish.
Types of Tropical Fish

  • Carnivores
    Carnivore tropical fish are meat eaters that thrive on a protein rich diet, they have a large mouth with extremely sharp teeth in order to tear apart their food which is then swallowed whole. This is possible because they have a large stomach that is big enough to hold a small fish; unlike other tropical fish they have a very short intestinal tract. They are predator fish and should be chosen carefully and not put with smaller tropical fish as they will eat them.
  • Herbivores
    These tropical fish do not have a large stomach, as they use their intestine to break down plants and algae that they have already ground down with their flat teeth. Their main fish food diet consists of live plants and vegetable matter and they should be fed more frequent smaller amounts.
  • Omnivores
    The majority of aquarium fish are omnivores and they will eat both meat and vegetable foods, dried, frozen or live, they are an ideal choice for any fish keepers as they are easier to look after and will eat most tropical fish food.

So excited, got a new fish tank

by cwa

I got into tropical fish for the first time in many years a few months ago. Set up a beautiful 16 gallon tank and have a few fish in it but it isn't near big enough. We were going to pick up a used 55g tank but the brace across the top is broken and I just didn't want to chance trying to fix it and it still blowing out. Convinced my DH that we need to get a new tank. He called Petsmart and they had a 55g tank kit, complete with filter, heater, hoods, everything for $160 on sale! He rushed me there and we brought it home as my early Mother's Day present. Have to wait until tomorrow to make the stand and get it all set up though

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