Tropical fish Parker Colorado

Pacu Piranha fished out of Bingham Lake in Parker

Pacu Piranha fished out of Bingham Lake in Parker Local resident Garry Norman got a big surprise Saturday when fishing in the catch and release Bingham Lake in Parker.

Normally this lake has a few tadpoles, some small bass or trout but certainly not a flesh eating South American species of Piranha.

It’s likely that someone bought the Pacu from a pet store and when it started outgrowing their fish tank and eating the other fish they decided to let it go in the pond.

“It was going to eat too much vegetation and kill everything else in the lake, ” said Norman when Fox 31′s Mark Meredith interviewed him.

This is certainly true. Wikipedia says this species of Piranha grows much larger as big as 3 feet long and weighting 55 pounds. That would have been a big surprise for the happy labs that jump in to fetch a stick or two.

So excited, got a new fish tank

by cwa

I got into tropical fish for the first time in many years a few months ago. Set up a beautiful 16 gallon tank and have a few fish in it but it isn't near big enough. We were going to pick up a used 55g tank but the brace across the top is broken and I just didn't want to chance trying to fix it and it still blowing out. Convinced my DH that we need to get a new tank. He called Petsmart and they had a 55g tank kit, complete with filter, heater, hoods, everything for $160 on sale! He rushed me there and we brought it home as my early Mother's Day present. Have to wait until tomorrow to make the stand and get it all set up though

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