Top 10 colorful tropical freshwater fish

Type Of Fish To Stock In Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank Aquariums

Type Of Fish To Stock In Tropical Freshwater Fish Tank Aquariums


To make your aquarium a stunning swirl of activity and color, you will want to add a variety of tropical freshwater fish. All fish have different colors, patterns, fin designs, sizes, shapes, temperaments and ideal living conditions. For the welfare of fish and therefore the success of tank aquariums, it is vital that you research the fish you would like, to know which ones can live together in health and harmony. For example, you cannot match (i.e. without stressing or harming your fish) peaceful and aggressive fish, ones that like cooler water and ones that need higher temperatures etc. Common sense stuff!

Give Room To Your Fish

A good idea is to select fish that occupy different levels in fish tank aquariums so they don’t need to compete for space. This adds a pleasant amount of activity and variety, enhancing the appeal of your fish tank aquarium.

Top-Dwelling Fish

Top-dwelling fish generally have upturned mouths for feeding at the water’s surface. Danios are active and hardy with a long lifespan making them ideal especially for beginning aquarists. One of the most popular tropical freshwater fish is the Betta, an easy to look after, peaceful fish with striking fins and a remarkable variety of color. Hatchetfish are unusual but are moderately difficult to manage and are powerful jumpers, so you need to replace the lid of your fish tank aquarium immediately after feeding and maintenance.

Middle-Dwelling Fish

Middle-dwelling fish could be most striking and be stocked with a mixture of schooling fish and larger colorful fish. Schooling fish are obviously happiest when they are among their own kind and you need to have around six. Examples of schooling fish include Rainbow fish and Tetras. Rainbow fish are simple to take care of and their amazing iridescent colorations change when light reflects off these fish. Neon Tetras tend to swim or remain suspended in schools to create a breathtaking array of color. All types of Guppies and Platies are excellent for middle-dwelling fish. They are both easy care fish and come in many bright color variations which add excitement and brilliance to fish tank aquariums. For something slightly larger, Swordtails are easy to look after and have wonderfully diverse fin and color varieties. Mollies add drama and contrast to any fish tank but require a moderate level of care. The following small Gouramis are of a peaceful temperament and easy to look !

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I feed a variaty of food

by LadyGamer

When I go on vacation I toss a fun mix of all sorts of foods. Bloodworms I hear are great for color. There's another type of small worm they dry in a cube my fish always love (don't remember the name off hand lol) You can get them dried or frozen. There is also a lot of good mixed flake foods out there. Tropical is the one you're looking for.
I also occasionally feed frozen food. I got a "Lunch Box" of all sorts of stuff to feed. I'll take a glass of tank water, dump some frozen stuff in to thaw, then toss it all in the tank. Fish go NUTZ over the stuff.
The brand of flake that I feed has a yellow bottle with a red top and a picture of colored flakes on the front in a circle

Sick betta

by Skivvy

You're right, loss of color and lethargy are signs of illness. However, they can mean a lot of things.
First, I would take the advice of previous posters and buy some water conditioner that neutralizes chlorine and chloramines. Personally, I'm a fan of Prime (a small bottle will last you forever, since it's highly concentrated), but any conditioner should do.
Have you ever had your water tested? Most fish/pet stores will do this for free. You can also buy testing strips/kits so you can do it at home as often as you like. Testing your water will tell you levels of ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, pH, hardness, and alkalinity

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