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Its a good algae eater, but do not eat Thread algae

Originating in Europe, Asia, Africa and America this family has a wide choice of hardy, colourful and moderately fish. These are some of my favourite fish, in particular the Barbs. Barbs are very active fish and are very tough creatures. Cyprinids have one unique feature: they have no teeth in their jaws, instead they grind up their food using teeth in their necks

Bala/Silver Shark (Balantiocheilus melanopterus): The bala shark is a very popular fish, but they can be a problem, simply because they can become very large. Its a peaceful fish, which can be kept with smaller tankmates. The species can be a jumper, so make sure the tank has a lid, and the fish can make audible sounds.

Size Origin Ease of keep Food Temp Type
130 mm Asia Moderate all foods 24 C Friendly

Checkered Barb (Barbus oligolepis): Nice looking fish, a sort of orange/brown colour. Males tend to be larger, and the colours can be more intense. Would do best in a school

50 mm Indonesia Easy

Red Tailed Black Shark (Epalzeorhynchus bicolor): A popular fish, with a striking red/black contrast, very attractive. It tends to be a loner, as its territorial and could be aggresive especially with its own specie. Needs a lot of space to tolerate other tankmates

120 mm Thailand Moderately Tolerant

Black Ruby Barb* (Barbus nigrofasciati): The Ruby Barb makes a dramatic change in colour when its breeding time. Of course I didn't know of it at the time, it was a worrying sight. The body becomes very black-red colour, where the head looks more of a deep purple hue. It has stripes across its body

60 mm Sri Lanka

Green Tiger Barb*: A variation from the original Tiger barb, it has a dark green body, with splashes of orange on the face and on fins. The females are less colourful. * Although many Barbs will mix well with other fast swimming fish, any other slow moving and long tailed fish may well be nipped constantly. Watch out!!


Pearl Danio (Brachydanio albolineatus): The Pearl Danio usually keeps to the upper levels, where it is constantly looking for food. It is therefore a good idea to keep the lid firmly closed, so it can't jump out.

55 mm S.E.Asia

Rosy Barb (Barbus conchonius): The Rosy Barb is a hardy and colourful fish. Its very ready to breed, and mature males change to a deep pink colour when they get a bit randy.

100 mm N.India

A 5 gallon is

by simp1icity

Too small for most popular fish. The only fish I would recommend for a 5 are one betta or up to 3 male guppies. Both are tropical and should have a heater as well as a filter.
20 gallon long is my favorite tank size except for maybe a 29 (which happens to be the same footprint size, just taller). You'll have a lot more stocking options.
For a brand new fishkeeper, I'd recommend starting with common, easy fish. NOT goldfish, they produce a lot of poop and need a lot more tank care and more space than many people realize--common goldfish with proper care get a foot long in about a year and life expectancy is 20 years

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