Colorful tropical fish for Beginners

Good tropical fish for the first-time keeper

When considering getting your first fish tank, most would-be aquarium keepers are quickly attracted to the brightest, most colourful and vibrant fish, and aspire to stocking their tank with shoals of exotic and colourful sea life. However, a little investigation into the hobby soon reveals that keeping a marine fish tank, the type that almost indisputably hosts the largest, most decorative and colourful range of fish is rather complicated and time consuming, and often, not an appropriate choice for the first-time fish keeper.

That being said, a freshwater tropical fish set up can make a good compromise, and is much more straightforward to care for than a saltwater tank; and the tropical warm water fish tank is not without appeals of its own. There are many bright, active and interesting fish that can be housed in a standard tropical set up, and the initial outlay and ongoing running costs of a tropical fish tank are much lower than that of a marine set up. Information on what is required to keep tropical fish can be found in our article here, and if you have read this article and are confident that you are ready to accept the responsibility involved in keeping a tropical fish tank, you may be wondering what type of fish you will ultimately be able to house within it.

In this article we will look at the considerations to bear in mind when stocking your first tropical fish tank, and offer some suggestions of suitable beginner fish that work well with others.

Considerations to bear in mind when thinking about your choice of fish

Once your have got your tropical freshwater aquarium all set up and ready to receive fish, you will be able to start making your selections. Many first-time fish keepers pop along to their local pet shop or specialist aquarium retailer and make their selections from the fish that appeal to them on the day, but this is not really the best way to go about stocking your tank.

It is wise to have a good idea of what type of fish and how many of them you will be able to keep before you head for the shop, and not just rely on making snap decisions on the day or trusting any advice you might be given in store. This can only be done by researching different types of freshwater tropical fish before you leave home; but with so many different species and types available, it can be hard to know where to start!

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Showcasing beginner tropical fish
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Top 5 most colorful tropical fish!
Top 5 most colorful tropical fish!
Tropical Fish Tanks for Beginners
Tropical Fish Tanks for Beginners
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