Colorful tropical fish easy to maintain

Top 7 fresh water aquarium fish species

GoldfishFresh water fish are the most common choice for a home aquarium. A fresh water aquarium is both beautiful and relatively easy to maintain, so they're often used in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and of course, homes. Here's a quick guide to fresh water aquarium fish – and my top seven species.

Fresh water fish can be elongated or round, small or large, and colorful or neutral. These fish come in many beautiful colors and color combinations. So a freshwater aquarium provides a wonderful visual effect due to the incredible variety of fish and characteristics.

Fresh water fish are either egg layers or livebearers. Egg layers lay eggs (obviously!), and include species such as Tetras, Goldfish, and Neons.Diamond guppy >Here are my top seven species of fresh water aquarium fish – I've included some which are easy to take care of, and some which are more challenging!



You can't talk about fresh water aquarium fish without mentioning goldfish! By far the most popular of all freshwater species, this fish is very affordable and hardy. The Goldfish initially comes from China and today they are often kept with Koi in magnificent ponds.Archer fish ow or white, with or without black. Favorite species of the Goldfish include the Fantail, Veiltail, and Black Moor but in addition to common species, there are fancy varieties as well. The size of the aquarium would dictate the size this fish reaches at maturity and some can grow quite large.


Diamond guppy

Leopard danioFor the beginner, the Guppy is the ideal fish. Along with being extremely hardy, this fish can handle water changes with ease. The male of the species has all the color while the female is bland. The only thing to be wary of when keeping Guppies is that they multiply quickly, so if you're not careful, they could quickly take over the entire aquarium!

Archer Fish

Archer fish

I recommend this particular fish for people who have some experience with freshwater aquariums, but they are peaceful and fun to keep. While the Archer Fish prefers live insects, they also eat frozen or freeze-dried food, and watching them eat is one of the things that makes this a fun choice of fish.

Leopard Danio

Leopard danio

This fish makes a great addition to a fresh water aquarium, being a quiet and hardy species that tolerates water changes. Diet consists of flake, live, and frozen foods and breeding is easy. For appearance, the male is generally thin while the female has a wider, plump body.

Neon Tetra

Neon tetra Neon tetra Swordtail sunsetmickeymouseplaty
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