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Costa Rica – A Rewarding Experience For Your Kids

turtles kidsEvery generation probably says it but kids today have it easy. With computer games, smartphones and a range of technology available to them, many kids, particularly in the Western world, miss out on seeing the wonders of nature and the diversity of the world around them. Vacations can be focused around destinations where kids simply live their normal lives in a place with a little more sun and have access to numerous bars, restaurants and theme parks. Travelling to somewhere a little out of the ordinary then, like Costa Rica can be a life-enriching experience for them, a trip that will change their view of the world around them and allow them to head back to school with tales of sights and experiences that few of their classmates will be able to match.

New Experiences

There are plenty of family attractions in Costa Rica that can be combined with spending time on a volunteering project. Kids will marvel at the olive ridley sea turtles at Refugio Nacional de Fauna Silvestre Ostional or the crocodiles they might spot on a trip through the jungle rivers of coco en learn to surf at Mal País and Santa Teresa or join them trying out white water rafting on the Río Reventazón or Río Pacuare. It can be a joy to see your kids experiencing things that are out of the ordinary for them, exploring new cultures and making friends from a different part of the world. Costa Rica, with its colorful rainforests, volcanoes, wild animals and beaches is so different to the vacations that many kids take every year and parents can take pleasure in the fact that they are combining fun with a valuable learning experience for their children.

Trying different foods

For parents who try to steer their kids away from junk food and encourage them to try new things, Costa Rica offers plenty of different things to try. The basics such as chicken, rice and beans will go down well with most children but parents can also encourage kids to try freshly made fruit drinks (batidos) or local specialities such as coconut milk straight from a cracked open coconut or cinnamon-spiced rice milk (horchata). There are new vegetables to try as well including zapallo, chayote and sweet red peppers. Black bean dips or chimichurri to go with tortillas make a change from the usual accompaniments, and kids can also enjoy fresh fish caught that day off the Costa Rican coast

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by OwnedBy_a_Siberian

To add your keeper fish - like if you wanted a tropical tank with gouramis and other colorful fish. They are not hardy enough to survive the stress involved in cycling a tank - ammonia, nitrite and nitrate spikes. Danios, platies, mollies are all good for cycling and don't cost a lot. You can add fish now, but expect them to die, basically.
I have African cichlids, but i cycled my tank with cheap danios (70 cents each). My "keeper" fish are 20-50 dollars each. It would be pointless to put 50 dollar fish in until the water is safe - know what I mean?
Your water will also be cloudy during this process

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