Colorful peaceful tropical fish

Help: Small Peaceful Cichlids

Hi all,
I have recently got a new 32 gallon fish tank and was wondering if i can put any small peaceful and very very colourful cihlids. Im thinking about putting in some Checkerboards, kribensis and some Bolivian Rams. If my tank is full, just tell...Im putting in some schools of Danio, Neons, Dwarf gouramis and some livebearers.

Dont worry, Im only going to put in a pair of each. Thx

I wouldn't do all three personally. Have you looked at German Blue Rams, IMO they are much more colorful than Bolivian rams. If it were me I would do a krib and one or two german blues.

Also, i think that you would have too many fish if you did ALL of the fish you have listed, especially because many of them share the same area of the tank. You could add in some bottom dwellers if you want more fish without making your fish feel crowded. I would skip on the Danios as they have a tendency to be finned terrorist of the tank. If this were my tank, the final stock would be":
1 GBR and 1 Krib OR 2 GBR
8-10 Neons
5-6 guppies
4 corydoras OR 1 bristlenose pleco

I would go with german blue rams personally, they are beautiful.

I personally would go with the Kribs They are very colorful, breed easily and are much less sensitive than either type of Rams.

I definitely would not mix rams and kribs even in a tank that size. They are all three very territorial.

A bristlenose would be good but the corys would get picked on.

Danios are good dither fish for the top and mid water. They are too fast for other fish to catch.

So to sum up
Danios(there are many pretty ones) for top and mid water
Kribs for mid and bottom
Bristlenose for bottom.
Just some thoughts

I would go with the german blue rams, they are very peaceful and beautiful. Kribs can get nasty, they are pretty but they are not very peaceful. If you did that you could add other tropicals like mommouth suggested. That would be a nice tank.

Originally Posted by Chicklette

Kribs are not peaceful? They are probably the best overall cichlid to use in a community set up, and don't get me wrong I am not a fan of Kribs. They are just as peaceful as Rams, probably more so really.
With both you may get one that is the exception and may just be nasty. But neither fish is aggressive by nature. Either would be somewhat if he were to get a pair and try spawning them.
With the tank set up correctly you could do either species with the other suggestions of fish Monmouth has given.


Mine were super aggressive. The dad even killed the mom.

Two males, or two females, or a pair of cichlids is 1, 000% different than having one single fish of the same species.

I like my Bolivian Rams, although my female has yet to color in much. Also you may want to consider Dwarf Flag Cichlids, I'm kinda wishing I had gone with them as I see pictures and they're all kinds of colors. I believe they'd fit in a tank your size but I can't vouch for how hard/easy they are to care for.

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by OwnedBy_a_Siberian

To add your keeper fish - like if you wanted a tropical tank with gouramis and other colorful fish. They are not hardy enough to survive the stress involved in cycling a tank - ammonia, nitrite and nitrate spikes. Danios, platies, mollies are all good for cycling and don't cost a lot. You can add fish now, but expect them to die, basically.
I have African cichlids, but i cycled my tank with cheap danios (70 cents each). My "keeper" fish are 20-50 dollars each. It would be pointless to put 50 dollar fish in until the water is safe - know what I mean?
Your water will also be cloudy during this process

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