Colorful freshwater tropical aquarium fish

Freshwater Aquarium Fish – The Discus Fish

If you are searching for excellent fish to take care of and turn into your pets, the Discus fish can be a excellent decision. The Discus is 1 of the stunning and colorful freshwater aquarium fish generating it a popular decision for those who are fish lovers and these who really like to preserve an aquarium.

Indeed, obtaining Discus fish in your aquarium can be a excellent and rewarding hobby for as lengthy as you know how to take care of them. Ahead of even purchasing your personal Discus, you have to be properly-ready and equipped with the understanding on how to take care of them and you need to have identified what are their particular demands – just like any other freshwater aquarium fish that you intend to maintain and take care.

The Discus is generally located in the Amazon rivers. They have attracted hobbyist due to the fact of their flat shape and colorful patterns that they use to blend with their surroundings. The initial time the Discus fish was introduced as one of the freshwater aquarium fish, they used to be challenging to handle and maintain but has now grow to be mastered by many hobbyist that even breeding has also been mastered, providing rise to a lot more colorful Discus fish.

In taking care of Discus fish, it is essential to hold in mind and be conscious of their behavior. The Discus are aggressive eaters when young but they sooner or later alter behaviors when they mature. Aside from slowing down on their eating, mature Discus fish also learn to move gracefully in the water, unless startled.

If they also happen in smaller sized groups or when pairs are formed, the Discus can also be aggressive to their own sort and can outcome to death. It is for that reason critical to contemplate the quantity of Discus you place in the aquarium. Remember that the Talk about fish lives in huge groups in their natural habitat.

Obtaining six or far more of them could steer clear of this problem. Do not keep beneath four fish to keep away from them bullying each other and at some point preventing death. This kind of fish are also sensitive especially to loud noise and any distraction, as a result you need to also take into account the place of your fish tank to let them live a peaceful life. If you are placing your Discus fish tank in a place of a lot of men and women, you may possibly want to move it. You could also want to put in some ornaments for them to hide in the fish tank.

An additional essential factor you have to take note in taking care of Discus fish and any other freshwater aquarium fish is to recreate as considerably as feasible their natural environment. Since the Discus most commonly come from the warm waters of the Amazon, the temperature of your aquarium ought to be put into consideration. Their water ought to also be free from chlorine and other chemical compounds that may be present in tap water. Though the tap water in numerous regions in the US are suitable for the Discus fish, there are also others that require to dechlorinate their water ahead of placing into the tank.

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Ive floated in shallow freshwater streams

by jwt

And had lots of tiny fish swim up and start nibbling, methinks it was grabbing the tiny airbubbles off of my skin hair.
could be they were eating all those lice, ya neva know! ha!
in the amazon basin ive had lots of larger fish come up and bite! ddamn!!wtf was that??? id see flashes of flesh colored silver scales, water way too muddy to know what type of fish.
oh and piranhas are in all waters down in SA amazon basin, they just dont get in a feeding frenzy and attack anything that moves.
Unless its in the dry season,in a drying up pond with no flow so they are starving and then they go after anything

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