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For some people, their first time scuba diving occurs while on vacation in an exotic locale, usual courtesy of a resort-sponsored program or local adventure company. Viewing coral reefs, geographic formations and diverse underwater life up-close and personal while scuba diving is a thrilling and memorable experience that many people choose to foster as a hobby. New, exciting worlds are discovered in the crystal clear Caribbean water by scuba diving enthusiasts when swimming with sea-turtles and exploring ship wrecks in the deep cold depths of the sea.

Top Scuba Diving Spots Around the World

Tropical locales are the most frequent destination when it comes to scuba diving but some fine scuba diving sites can be found in the coastal areas of North Carolina. The Atlantic waters off the coast of Morehead City are a graveyard of merchant ships, casualties of World War II and the U-boats that prowled the waters. The warm waters of the Gulf Stream send a wealth of tropical fish north, painting the venerable wrecks with bright color and life.

A popular vacation destination, the waters of the Red Sea in Egypt, offers up memorable scuba diving. The famous coral reefs wind intricately through the waters and the wealth of brightly-colored fish and fascinating sea life that characterize the Sinai Peninsula surprises even veteran divers.

Belize has become a must-see destination for eco-travelers and the diving experiences are among the best to be had with memorable sites available for divers of all skill levels. Nearly 200 miles of unspoiled barrier reef runs along the coast and the waters between the reef and the coast are filled with mangrove cays, hard corals, gorgonians and amazing varieties of shellfish. Encounters with whale sharks, manta rays and hammerhead sharks are common.

A wonder of the world visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia, is composed of over 3, 000 reef systems. The reefs teem with aquatic life, from shellfish to a kaleidoscope of tropical fish to sharks, whales, dolphins and more.

Wreck-diving fans generally put Bikini Atoll near the top of their list of diving destinations. Located halfway between Australia and Hawaii, Bikini Atoll is located in the Marshall Islands and is infamous as an underwater atomic testing site. A number of warships rest at the bottom of the atoll, including the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, several US Navy destroyers and a Japanese submarine. Bikini lagoon teems with underwater life, though the island itself is uninhabitable due to the levels of radiation. Bikini Atoll is an expensive destination for scuba diving, but it is definitely worth the price.

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Ive floated in shallow freshwater streams

by jwt

And had lots of tiny fish swim up and start nibbling, methinks it was grabbing the tiny airbubbles off of my skin hair.
could be they were eating all those lice, ya neva know! ha!
in the amazon basin ive had lots of larger fish come up and bite! ddamn!!wtf was that??? id see flashes of flesh colored silver scales, water way too muddy to know what type of fish.
oh and piranhas are in all waters down in SA amazon basin, they just dont get in a feeding frenzy and attack anything that moves.
Unless its in the dry season,in a drying up pond with no flow so they are starving and then they go after anything

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Tropical Fish And Corals Underwater …
Tropical Fish And Corals Underwater …
School Of Fish Grunt On A Colorful …
School Of Fish Grunt On A Colorful …
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