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Hey folks im looking for FW fish for my 30G tank.I currently have 6 small Fancy guppies, and am planning to get an angelfish.Id like some colorful tropical fish in this community tank but all I ever seem to find are cichilds which should be housed in their own tank?! any suggestions on nice looking fish that will get along with the angel?

I would be wary of getting an angel... How tall is your tank? My tank is very similarly sized to yours, I have 29g, and I don't think it is tall enough for an angel. I think they can grow to be six inches tall? I know they get relatively large.

Growing up Easter was always the holiday

by gemini_moon

Most likely to suck and be filled with drama.
My best Easter memory is from a few years ago when the kids and I spent the holiday at Mystic Hot Springs in southern Utah. We ate chocolate all day between soaks in the pools and tubs. A neighbor camper girl roasted a peep over the fire then burned herself pretty badly because of the burning sugar. That part was awful, not good, but the rest of the time there rocked. We even got to catch our own tropical fish from the ponds to take home for our tank.

Depends on what you seek

by AllSpiced

Great burger dive: The Waterfront, edge of Downtown
Italian: Pan e Vino, Downtown/The Gaslamp,
or Apertivo in North Park, which has a great wine selection as well as sangria, and serves small plates, tapas style. Everything I have ever had there is fantastic, and I grew up with a grandma who made all our pasta from scratch--Apertivo's lasagna is superb. So is the Osso Buco.
I also like Mr Tiki Mai Tai Lounge, downtown, for fun, great atmosphere, and Passionfruit Mojitoes garnished with real orchids. And fantastic pu-pus. Yummy bbq ribs tropical style, etc etc, and a lot of fish, though I have only done appetizers there

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Sea Anemone And Tropical Fishes …
Sea Anemone And Tropical Fishes …
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Beautiful Real Colourful Marine …
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