Tropical fish best beginners

Goldfish For Beginners


Types and Sizes of Common Goldfish Breeds

First of all, never underestimate the size of fully grown goldfish. There are no 'dwarf' breeds of goldfish, whatever 'the man in the shop' might say; even the smaller 'fancy' types have the capacity to grow to a good six inches/15 cms in length.

There are two main types of goldfish; the 'common' type and the 'fancy' goldfish.

Common goldfish have fairly streamlined bodies and are good swimmers. Comet goldfish, with the long flowing tails and fins are still of the 'common' type; they're not true fancies. Common goldfish are really not suitable for the average home aquarium; they grow very large (many to over a foot long) and are quite messy, so realistically they need a tank of 5'/1.5m in length to have enough room, which is a much bigger tank than most people can manage. These fish are very much best left to the pond.

Fancy goldfish (varieties include fantails, orandas and black moors) have a very short, fat body, and a double tail. They are still the same species, Carassius auratus, as 'normal' goldfish, and can interbreed with them, but look very different and do not grow quite so big. These are suitable for keeping in tanks (although not very small ones) for all their lives.

These pictures are all of normal, pet store goldfish; not special breeds, although some are a better example of their breed (the ranchu) than others (the fantail)!



Black Moors;

And this is one of my two year old common goldfish in a standard 5l 'goldfish bowl' of the kind often sold to beginners;

As you can see, she's not very happy in there!

And this is her in a standard, 14l, 40cm long tank;

I'm sure you can see that it wouldn't be kind to make her live in a tank of that size full time; she couldn't even turn around without scraping her tail on the sides of the tank! Also, please remember she is a young fish; only around half her adult size, and especially when you consider that goldfish are social, and really shouldn't be kept on their own, if it can be avoided.

nobowls5.jpg Moor.jpg Photo0820.jpg Photo0822.jpg

Growing up Easter was always the holiday

by gemini_moon

Most likely to suck and be filled with drama.
My best Easter memory is from a few years ago when the kids and I spent the holiday at Mystic Hot Springs in southern Utah. We ate chocolate all day between soaks in the pools and tubs. A neighbor camper girl roasted a peep over the fire then burned herself pretty badly because of the burning sugar. That part was awful, not good, but the rest of the time there rocked. We even got to catch our own tropical fish from the ponds to take home for our tank.

Depends on what you seek

by AllSpiced

Great burger dive: The Waterfront, edge of Downtown
Italian: Pan e Vino, Downtown/The Gaslamp,
or Apertivo in North Park, which has a great wine selection as well as sangria, and serves small plates, tapas style. Everything I have ever had there is fantastic, and I grew up with a grandma who made all our pasta from scratch--Apertivo's lasagna is superb. So is the Osso Buco.
I also like Mr Tiki Mai Tai Lounge, downtown, for fun, great atmosphere, and Passionfruit Mojitoes garnished with real orchids. And fantastic pu-pus. Yummy bbq ribs tropical style, etc etc, and a lot of fish, though I have only done appetizers there

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