Best Tropical Fish to Cycle Tank

The Process of Cycling a Fish Tank

What is cycling your fish tank? Why is it important? Instructions for how to do-it.

As you have already learned, owning a fish tank provides hours of enjoyment and relaxation. If you think you might be interested in owning your own fish tank for whatever reason, you need to know some important pieces of information to ensure your tank looks great and the fish are healthy. When you get ready to set up your fish tank, you will need to "cycle" the tank, which occurs at the time of set up. In this article, you will learn how to cycle your fish tank so you have the perfect tank.


In this section, you will learn what cycling is, how you do it, how long it will take, the number of fish needed, and much more!

What Is Cycling The Tank?

Unfortunately, many people have never even heard of cycling and if they have, many ignore it. However, if you want to ensure your fish live in a healthy environment, it is imperative.

  • Cycling is also called "New Tank Syndrome", meaning you are making a bed of good bacteria in your biological filter as a way of removing toxins created by the fish's waste. While cycling is not necessarily difficult or time-consuming, there is a right and wrong way
  • Addressing the Shimmies in Live BearersThe goal of cycling a fish tank is to establish a bed or colony of bacteria in your biological filter to help eliminate toxins made by the fish's metabolism.
  • The bacteria grown will then digest the ammonia from waste, turning it into Nitrite. Although Nitrite in hard water or water with a high pH level is actually more toxic than ammonia, what happens is that the bacteria filter turns the Nitrite into Nitrate, which is relatively less harmful to the fish.
  • If the water in your fish tank is not changed on a regular basis, the Nitrate accumulates and becomes harmful, causing fish to stop eating and becoming stressed. Additionally, the growth of algae is accelerated. Therefore, it is imperative that you follow the cycling process and maintain a clean tank (which regularly removes nitrates) for the health of your fish.


Few questions related to starting up a fishtank

by blizzard

We just moved and I found some mildew on our fishtank supplies. Is warm water and a brush enough to clean them or is it safe to use a little dishwashing detergent if I rinse very thoroughly?
Also, last time we used danios to cycle the tank. But they tortured the loaches so we had to give them away. Are there any other cycling fish that anyone can recommend that are a little less active? Or are danios the best?
We are planning to put tropical fish in our tank, maybe loaches, neon tetras and a few gouramis. Not entirely sure as yet.

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