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Top 7 Mistakes New Aquarists Make

fish-bowlStarting in the world of fishkeeping can seem an easy hobby from the outside looking in. Tank? Check. Water? Check. Fish? Check. I had a simplistic view of it too before starting. However once I got into it I realised that to be a really successful aquarist in terms of keeping your fish alive and in good health there are a number of things you must learn.

I’ve compiled a list of mistakes to avoid when setting up your tank for the first time, some of these I learned from experience, others from doing research online or speaking to other aquarists.

If you have any tips of your own feel free to post them in the comments!

1. Not cycling a tank before adding fish

This is a major one, that could lead to disaster if not done correctly. Cycling a tank is the process of creating a safe and liveable environment for your fish before putting them in the tank. his matters because fish create waste which produces ammonia.Aquarium-Cycle ia is toxic to fish, however bacteria will accumulate over time to break this ammonia down to less toxic substances.

So what many people do when buying fish for children as a present is buy the tank and fish only days apart. They do not promote bacteria production by adding a few flakes of fish food to the water everyday and instead just put the fish in after a day or two when the water settles. This leads to high levels of ammonia being present in the tank after a few days which lowers the fishes immune systems capabilities and they become susceptible to illness and many less hardy fish die during this stage.

On average it can take two weeks for a tank to cycle fully.overstocked fish tank not suffer.

2. Overstocking on fish

Adding too many fish to your tank can cause problems for filtration. In your local fish stores the tanks have sometimes up to 50 fish in one 60L tank. The stores have staff who clean the tanks and carry out water changes daily. They also have a centralised filtering system which can cope with the large numbers of fish and the heavy duty filtering that’s required.

Simple Quarantine TankDepending on your tank set up and quality of the filter you may find that you can stock more than the recommended guideline of 1ch of fish per gallon (4.54L) of water. I have a Fluval U2 in a 60L tank and it is overkill for the size but the standard filter that came with the Korall 60 wasn’t up to spec with my 20 fish. Since upgrading the ammonia levels and clarity of the water has been perfect.

Not a good idea!

Overstocking a cause consistently high ammonia levels, this cause lead to the death of your fish, which can obviously be expensive in the long term and cause needless suffering to your fish. So stay within your tanks limits or upgrade your filter to above requirements.

3. Inconsistent Tank Maintenence

As with anything it takes a little while to get into a habit with new hobbies. New fishkeepers can sometimes slip into inconsistent routines for water changes. It’s important to consistently change the tank water for various reasons.

Good luck

by OwnedBy_a_Siberian

I recently set one up, and thank goodness my brother is a fish know it all. he helped so much. His first piece of advice was get a good biological filter and cycle the tank. google this. the "cycle" stuff you buy at the store helps, but it doesnt REALLY cycle it.
after you've gone thru your ammonia, nitritie and nitrate spikes - and everything tests safe, you can start to add fish. but add them slowly (not a lot at once) or you can spike again and put stress on the fish.
its best to test the PH of your water before picking what kind of fish you have


by bigdaddylove

Get a small plastic pond the can stand by it self ( not one made to be put into the ground) they're a little hard to find but they are out there. get an undergavel filter and two powerheads; one for the under gravel and one for the fountain. Buy about 20-30# of natural looking gravel. Next go to orchard supply hardware (OSH) and buy aquatic plants. Pre spring and spring/summer have better selection. Get dwarf umbrella plants, japanese rush and whatever semiaquatic plants they may have. I believe the grower is called Water music or something like that. OSH has the best selection and prices as far as I am concerned

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