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New Tropical Fish Tank…Tetra Shoal

Tropical Tetra Tank with a neon tetra, 3 cardinal tetras, a white tipped tetra and a Gold Pristella tetra on the left rear of the tank. Note the neon tetra in the middle has his red stripe from mid-body to tail while the cardinal tetra on the bottom has a more complete red stripe. Photo by Don TaiMy friend Peter gave me his tropical aquarium, which includes tetras, cory (corydoras) catfish and a clown loach. All these fish I am unfamiliar with but with my recent goldfish experience on water quality (I was soundly schooled), we should have no difficulties having these fish flourish. They will be housed in Little Weed’s room.

Tropical Tetra Tank, front right of the tank, cory cat #1 and the clown loach, Photo by Don TaiThe tetra clan includes 1 neon tetra, 3 cardinal tetras, a Gold Pristella tetra and a silver tipped tetra. The difference between the neon tetra and the cardinal tetras is that the red stripe of the cardinal extends full body, while the neon has this only on the latter half of the body. The two silver tipped tetras look completely different, and again from each other, but both have white tips on their tail, pectoral and dorsal fins. No matter, they all (group) together.

There is also 2 cory cats and a clown loach. The clown loach, with slightly curved tips on his tail (possibly denoting a male), is large but seems quite mellow, matching his tank mates. The two cory catfish are very chill, and do not bother anyone. Sometimes we wonder if they are still alive, but when we disturb them they do move elsewhere.

Tropical Tetra Tank, right rear, clown loach and cory cat #2, photo by Don Tai

I added two red plastic cylinders at the centre back of the tank, which the clown loach and the cory cats have used for hiding. This is a good sign they are getting used to their new location and slightly modified tank. The clown loach has already swam into and up the lighthouse, hiding in a vertical position. This seems odd to me but he also did this at Peter’s house. I did position the lighthouse exactly in the same position as at Peter’s house in order to make the clown loach more at home. It seemed to have worked.

Tropical Tetra Tank, three new baby neon tetras, bought today, in a small quarantine tank. They will be added to the main tank in a week or so. Photo by Don Tai

In addition to Peter’s shoal, we will be adding 3 baby neon tetras from Petsmart. They were /each and they are so small, but lightening fast, as the aquarium girl found out when she tried to bag them. For small fish they have lots of spunk.

As all the fish are in a new home but the same tank, they are still skittish, darting at any slight movement they see. This should settle down soon. There is still an excess of algae in the tank. We did multiple vacuums today but decided to not go too clean for scaring the fish and damaging the beneficial bacteria living in the substrate. I will check the tank cycle on a daily basis to ensure it is still intact. Over the next couple of weeks we will continue to clean the substrate of algae, but there is no great rush. Little Weed is thinking of how to add more hiding spots for the clown loach and cory cats. Overall a nice looking tank.

(possible ): 72-79F
tetra : 70-81F/21-27C
tetra : 70-82F/21-28C

Good luck

by OwnedBy_a_Siberian

I recently set one up, and thank goodness my brother is a fish know it all. he helped so much. His first piece of advice was get a good biological filter and cycle the tank. google this. the "cycle" stuff you buy at the store helps, but it doesnt REALLY cycle it.
after you've gone thru your ammonia, nitritie and nitrate spikes - and everything tests safe, you can start to add fish. but add them slowly (not a lot at once) or you can spike again and put stress on the fish.
its best to test the PH of your water before picking what kind of fish you have


by bigdaddylove

Get a small plastic pond the can stand by it self ( not one made to be put into the ground) they're a little hard to find but they are out there. get an undergavel filter and two powerheads; one for the under gravel and one for the fountain. Buy about 20-30# of natural looking gravel. Next go to orchard supply hardware (OSH) and buy aquatic plants. Pre spring and spring/summer have better selection. Get dwarf umbrella plants, japanese rush and whatever semiaquatic plants they may have. I believe the grower is called Water music or something like that. OSH has the best selection and prices as far as I am concerned

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