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Best lighting for non-planted freshwater tank?

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I think you're right, Seahorse - if the lighting was over-bright and left on for long periods of time, it would theoretically lead to increased stress, and ultimately death. . . the circadian rhythm is important to humans and animals alike. But . . . yeah, it's a big leap for sure, and more likely that something else was the cause of the deaths in this tank. I know many people who use the same types of lights in salt and freshwater tanks.

Either way, sorry for your loss, Brian. :(

A shoplight with two bulbs from HomeDepot will work perfectly for your tank, and as was mentioned by the other posters, you will want a 'daylight spectrum' (which I believe is 6500K) to get you closest to sunlight. Daylight spectrum is required by plants, but since you don't have those, you can go with any type of (cheaper) bulb. There are lights manufactured in a color spectrum to best allow the fish's colors to show, and many prefer to use these in tanks that have no plants, but I'm not sure off-hand what that spectrum is. . .

Good luck

by OwnedBy_a_Siberian

I recently set one up, and thank goodness my brother is a fish know it all. he helped so much. His first piece of advice was get a good biological filter and cycle the tank. google this. the "cycle" stuff you buy at the store helps, but it doesnt REALLY cycle it.
after you've gone thru your ammonia, nitritie and nitrate spikes - and everything tests safe, you can start to add fish. but add them slowly (not a lot at once) or you can spike again and put stress on the fish.
its best to test the PH of your water before picking what kind of fish you have


by bigdaddylove

Get a small plastic pond the can stand by it self ( not one made to be put into the ground) they're a little hard to find but they are out there. get an undergavel filter and two powerheads; one for the under gravel and one for the fountain. Buy about 20-30# of natural looking gravel. Next go to orchard supply hardware (OSH) and buy aquatic plants. Pre spring and spring/summer have better selection. Get dwarf umbrella plants, japanese rush and whatever semiaquatic plants they may have. I believe the grower is called Water music or something like that. OSH has the best selection and prices as far as I am concerned

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