Best Tropical fish keeping books

Mini Encyclopedia of the Tropical Aquarium

Gina Sandford
Interpet Publishing (24 Jan 2005
ISBN-13: 9011

This handbook is a very useful guide to tropical fish for novices. It gives you essential information, like how to set up an aquarium, select fish, and prevent and treat ailments. Specialists will want more, for example on breeding, or some of the more exotic tropicals, but this is an excellent basic guide. It is well set out and easy to follow, with illustrations to make the text clearer. There are also some gorgeous pictures of fish. It's also a handy size, so you can easily take it with you when you are choosing fish.

The Bumper Book of Tropical Aquarium Fishes

Dick Mills (Editor), David Sands (Editor), Peter W. Scott (Editor)
Interpet Publishing; 2nd Revised edition (Oct 2002)
ISBN-13: 9748

This is a very helpful guide to setting up a community aquariums. It is easy to follow, sets out information in bite-sized chunks. It covers the basics very well, like tank selection, equipment for lighting and heating, filtration, water quality, water plants and preventing and tackling health problems. There is also help on choosing fish. There's information on a wide range of species, including their requirements, and their compatibility with other fish species. Specialists in particular types of fish such as cichlids, will want a more in-depth book, as will enthusiasts who want to breed fish on a large scale, but this is an extremely helpful book for people who are starting out with tropical fish, and just want a community tank.

Good luck

by OwnedBy_a_Siberian

I recently set one up, and thank goodness my brother is a fish know it all. he helped so much. His first piece of advice was get a good biological filter and cycle the tank. google this. the "cycle" stuff you buy at the store helps, but it doesnt REALLY cycle it.
after you've gone thru your ammonia, nitritie and nitrate spikes - and everything tests safe, you can start to add fish. but add them slowly (not a lot at once) or you can spike again and put stress on the fish.
its best to test the PH of your water before picking what kind of fish you have


by bigdaddylove

Get a small plastic pond the can stand by it self ( not one made to be put into the ground) they're a little hard to find but they are out there. get an undergavel filter and two powerheads; one for the under gravel and one for the fountain. Buy about 20-30# of natural looking gravel. Next go to orchard supply hardware (OSH) and buy aquatic plants. Pre spring and spring/summer have better selection. Get dwarf umbrella plants, japanese rush and whatever semiaquatic plants they may have. I believe the grower is called Water music or something like that. OSH has the best selection and prices as far as I am concerned

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