Best Tropical fish for starter tank

Best Temperature For Tropical Fish Tank Aquariums

Fish Tank Heater GuideOne key factor involved when keeping tropical fish is the temperature at which they are kept at. Whilst this is not the most important factor to the fish health it certainly makes a big difference and if you stray from the correct parameters too much then it can cause the fish to stress too much and can potentially eventually lead to death.

As an average, a tropical fish tank should be kept at around 26-27 degrees Celsius (79-81 degrees Fahrenheit). This is NOT by any means set in stone though however this temperature range covers the most tropical fish at a comfortable temperature. The best approach to working out which is the best temperature to keep your tank at is to do some research and look at the tropical fish profiles of the fish you are keeping in your aquarium and work out what the optimum temperature for the selection of fish you are keeping is.

When deciding the best way to heat your aquarium, we have put together a guide to what wattage heater you require, that being said, if you are fortunate enough to live in a part of the world where the ambient temperature is higher than your fish require then you may need to consider buying a chiller for the tank. A chiller may also be required if you are using strong lighting which generates a lot of heat when it is on.

Some fish are very variable and unaffected by heat such as the Pearl Danio which can live in temperatures down to 18 degrees Celcius and is often kept in cold water and tropical tanks which is what makes it one of the best starter fish to have. Some fish are very sensitive to temperature though so doing your research is always essential to ensure the wrong temperature isn’t a source of stress for them.

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Best Place in the City..

by Sckrych

...that I have found so far is the Tropical Fish Nippon (aka: Golf Fish Nippon)on Geary Street have a HUGE selection and a extremely knowledgable staff that can help you with the aspects of breeding guppies.
As for tank size, 10gals are good starter tanks, and they dont take up much room, a simple hang on the back recycling bio-filter should suffice fine, an air stone burried gives good oxygen, and makes for a nice visual.
Hope that helps.

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