Best tropical fish for community tank

10G to 30G tank, Hardy community tropical fish plan

I started another thread about switching from undergravel filter to an external filter. I have been running both in parallel for the past 1-2 weeks now, and am waiting for another 2 weeks until I switch it to the larger aquarium, approx 30 gallon tank.

After which, I will test the filter to see if it removes ammonia for a few days before transferring the fish over.

With it, I am thinking of adding to my existing stock:

2 Bronze corys (thinking of adding two more)
1 balloon molly (female)
1 silver molly (female)
1 Angel around 3 inches in size!!
1 platy (male I think)

Since I am relatively new to this, I am afraid that my current tank (around 10 gallons) is too small as I have read angels need a lot of space to swim, hence the upgrade.

I am considering starting a community tank with hardy fish.

Another issue which I have come across is livebearers. The mollies and platy were purchased quite a while back without knowing the possibility they could cross breed. At least they are friendly to one another and don't attempt this activity as of yet. I don't want to deal with live fish babies.

I have used the site provided earlier in this thread for possible species.

I am considering possibly:

P.s. more fish info

by arctic_iguana

Koi are in the Cyprinidae family, same as goldfish. So, yes, goldfish food will work for now.
But you should NEVER set up a tank and dump fish in immediately. Let it "age" at least for a few days if not more. Sure, you can add all the water treatments and stuff, but the best way is the slow way. (There are a few exceptions, but you really need to do your research first - other methods are best left to the experts.)
Run to the store ASAP and but the biggest tank you can afford. If you cannot, then please return the fish or (better still) find someone with a pond or huge tank to adopt them

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