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Hi-Tech BiOrb Aquarium Fishbowl with Halogen Light

biorb aquarium kit with light fixturecombines traditional fishbowl with some high-tech performance which makes it a modern fishbowl. You can feel the sensation of watching swimming fishes at your home or your office. BiOrb Aquarium requires little maintenance, because all the supplies such as a halogen light and an air pump are provided, you just need to fill it with water, plants, and fish. The unique, built-in 5-stage filtration system combines biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration to keep the water healthy and crystal-clear for months between simple filter changes.

Cleaning BiOrb Aquarium is quite easy because the filter cartridge usually lasts up to 8 weeks. The filter is located at the bottom of the globe, so it’s barely visible and it causes no obstruction of the underwater view when the biOrb is filled. The great thing with globe-shaped plexiglass acrylic design is that the aquarium allows you to have perfect 360 degree viewing angle, and the built-in 10-watt halogen light provides full observation of the swimming fish any time of day. This aquarium can help you adding some zen in your working environment, it relaxes your mind and reduces some stress.

You probably ask yourself, what if you are just a beginner in fish-keeping hobby. Relax, everything that you need comes in the box when you purchase this product. But I must remind you that this product doesn’t come with a heater, you might want to consider to buy BioOrb heater kit if you plan to keep tropical fish. If you prefer to choose other heater, that’s find too.biorb aquarium kit with light fixture your area.

If you’re not into fish, you can choose to keep aquatic pets in this aquarium, such as frogs and turtles. Since the filter cartridge can last for 8 weeks, you better do some cleaning every 8 weeks too. Generally all you need to do is just changing the water and replace the filter. To drain the tank easily, you can also purchase optional suction hose. There are some negative reviews when it comes to the filter. If you have to replace it every 4 weeks instead of 8 weeks, it would be pretty expensive. So, instead of buying the actual filter, you should check at your local pet stores near you to see if they sell the contents of the filter. You can save a lot of money this way.

BiOrb offers you several different capacities, from 4-gallon tank to 16-gallon tank, choose wisely to accommodate your aquatic friends. Overall, BiOrb aquarium is a great small fish tank.

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by arctic_iguana

Koi are in the Cyprinidae family, same as goldfish. So, yes, goldfish food will work for now.
But you should NEVER set up a tank and dump fish in immediately. Let it "age" at least for a few days if not more. Sure, you can add all the water treatments and stuff, but the best way is the slow way. (There are a few exceptions, but you really need to do your research first - other methods are best left to the experts.)
Run to the store ASAP and but the biggest tank you can afford. If you cannot, then please return the fish or (better still) find someone with a pond or huge tank to adopt them

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