Best tropical fish food for growth

Best Brand To Feed Angelfish Juvies

Well, I use NLS thera+a and it works awesome. I would recomend it to you as well.

In addition to a high quality food, you should also add live, fresh and/or frozen foods. I feed my juvies live/frozen brine shrimp and fresh vegys in addition to flakes, pellets and wafers.

It is my opinion that a variety is better than offering a single product for maximum growth and health.

Yes I feed frozen bloodworms three times a week and peas once a week along with Aqueon flake food (it came with the tank). Would this be good once I get a higher quality staple?

You could add more variety. Just like with humans, variety in foods leads to better health. Try adding more vegys. Mine like cucumber and zucchini in addition to algae wafers with a variety of proteins, such as brine shrimp, bloodworms, shrimp pellets, and flakes high in protein like cichlid flakes.

As Dena said, you could/should feed a wider variety. I feed mine around 20+ types of food and they have amazing colors and growth. Lots of veggies is good. You can also try some types of fruit. Apples, cantaloupe, watermelon, ect. Just don't do anything with acid in it like oranges, mangoes, ect. I get four or five different kinds of cichlid pellets and flakes which I add along with some tropical fish flakes and pellets. The wider variety you can provide for them, the happier they will be .

thank you for starting this thread it helped me alot because i ordered some juvie angels just the other day

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How many did you get??

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Over 20 foods? I thought I was giving mine a variety; but am no where close to that! I have never tried fruit. Am going to thy that and see what else my fish like.

Yep! When I go shopping, I go all out . That's probably why it's best that I shop online haha.

How do you prepare your cucumber? Just put it in raw? Do you feed a variety of foods at once? Anyways, is there a staple flake/pellet that anyone else would recommend for angel juvies?

I cannot speak for others, but I cut a slice, stab it with a fork dedicated to my aquarium, and drop it in. The fish swarm over it. In my 90G community, I cut a 3 inch slice as my angels and bristlenose plecos fight over it.

That's exactly what I do but I use a steel clip.

P.s. more fish info

by arctic_iguana

Koi are in the Cyprinidae family, same as goldfish. So, yes, goldfish food will work for now.
But you should NEVER set up a tank and dump fish in immediately. Let it "age" at least for a few days if not more. Sure, you can add all the water treatments and stuff, but the best way is the slow way. (There are a few exceptions, but you really need to do your research first - other methods are best left to the experts.)
Run to the store ASAP and but the biggest tank you can afford. If you cannot, then please return the fish or (better still) find someone with a pond or huge tank to adopt them

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