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Fluval Tropical Flakes Fish Food Review

fluval-foods-groupThe well known brand Fluval brings us not only the dry goods and aquariums for all types of fish keeper but also food.

Their latest range includes a traditional type of tropical fish food by the name of Fluval Tropical Flakes. The description of the flakes indicates it is a high quality fish food with excellent protein sources made from Atlantic Herring, Norwegian Krill, Atlantic Shrimp and Green Mussels. As well as this being ultra palatable for the fish it also contains sustainable harvested kelp.

With the breakdown of ingredients being 44% protein it is clear that this tropical flake is going to help your fish grow but with the blend of highly sought after ingredients this is also food which your tropical fish will love to eat and thrive from. Fluval advertise this food as having a protein+ formula which leads to healthy, vibrant and active fish.

We have tested this food on a community fish tank including angel fish and have to say that they certainly are your friends when it comes to feeding time and Fluvals claim to leading to healthy, active and vibrant fish isn’t just an unsubstantiated claim – we have seen it for ourselves.

We will highly recommend Fluval Tropical Fish Flake to any fish keeper with a community or planted fish tank as it forms the perfect base to a feeding regime for these types of tropical fish.

Goldfish problems...

by RedRover

Gold fish need to live in cold water.. so they arent very easy to have in a tank that you want to put tropical fish in to.. there are a couple other cold water fish, but the vast majority of pet store fish are tropical freshwaters..
also, because the water is cold, the water goldfish live in holds less oxygen which equals less fish per tank
and finally.. it was a little early to put fish in the tank anyhow.. its usally better to let the tank run for a day or two in order to get all the chlorine out of the water and such.. but oh well
in the future i suggest taking things very very slowly

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