Best small tropical fish Tanks

Small Fish Tank Setup

For the freshwater fish beginner we would not recommend a small fish tank setup to start out with tropical fish. The reason being because it is more difficult to keep the water parameters stable in a smaller volume of water. A small tank also drastically reduces the types of fish you can keep.

However, many do start with just a small fish tank, so we want to give you a list of items to use with your small aquarium so that you can increase your chances for success in tropical fishkeeping. If you need help with setting up your new tank, check out the Tropical Fish Tank Setup page.

Below is a typical start-up kit for a small 2 gallon mini-bow aquarium. It comes with a lighted hood, a small packet of sample fish food, an undergravel filter and a small air pump. You will need to get some other items as well for your aquarium. As mentioned previously, a small tank can be more work than a large tank because you really have to stay on top of those water changes to prevent the small aquarium from becoming too polluted. Here is a list of the bare minimum things to have for any small aquarium:

  • Substrate (aquarium gravel)
  • Small aquarium vacuum
  • Fish Food
  • Small fish net
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Small aquarium air pump (used in conjunction with the filter)

Please don't go out and get a bunch of tropical fish right away. Let the aquarium cycle fishless with one of the many products on the market now that contain the necessary bacteria to needed to seed your aquarium filter. If you don't know about the beneficial bacteria needed in an aquarium, please read about the nitrogen cycle for more information such as starting this cycle, cycling fishless and how to speed up the nitrogen cycle.

Author : Mike FishLore

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Goldfish problems...

by RedRover

Gold fish need to live in cold water.. so they arent very easy to have in a tank that you want to put tropical fish in to.. there are a couple other cold water fish, but the vast majority of pet store fish are tropical freshwaters..
also, because the water is cold, the water goldfish live in holds less oxygen which equals less fish per tank
and finally.. it was a little early to put fish in the tank anyhow.. its usally better to let the tank run for a day or two in order to get all the chlorine out of the water and such.. but oh well
in the future i suggest taking things very very slowly

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