Best small tropical fish for Beginners

Tropical fish for beginner


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Hi guys!

Just wondering if you have any advice on what the best type/s of fish would be for a tropical tank for a beginner? I have a 70 litre tank.
57.5cm (width) x 48.5cm (height) x 33.5cm (depth)



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i think it would be better for you to start with angels, neon tetras etc as they are easy to handle as well as they are easy to treat! i will not advice you keep a discus as it requires a bit of experience which you will be able to gain by keeping these fishes !


Cool, thanks!

Are Danios easy to care for like the angel fish and neon tetra?

I read that angels can get pretty big (height wise) and you need around 6 in a group... my tank is 70 litres and is 57.5cm (width) x 48.5cm (height) x 33.5cm (depth)

Do you think this would be too small for a group of angels? or angels + neon tetra?

Thanks in advance!

there is no hard rule that u have to keep 6 angels in a group, u can keep 4 of them plus tetras ! try it out !


You are right, your tank is too small for angels. Even one angle should have around 30 gallons then 10-15 for each one after that.

You tank is 70 litres and one US gallon is 3.8litres.
70/3.8 = 18gallons.

A tank this size would be suited to any of the small tetras, like neon tetras, rummy nose tetras, lemon tetras, cardinal tetras etc....(There are lots to choose from).
Zebra and leopard danios are one of the easiest fish to keep, they are very hardy fish. There are a good number of variations from long finned to albino and bi-coloured. Celestial Pearl Danios are another great small danio, but these can be hard to find and can be expensive.

There are many other choices for a tank this size, but zebra and leopard danios are an exellent beginner fish.

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i would suggest some about 6-8 tiger barb as they are very hardy and incredibly active. They are schooling fish and are always fun too watch. I should mention that you have already cycled the tank properly right?

Thanks for all the replies guys!

The Gamer,
I haven't started cycling the tank yet, going to set it up on the weekend when I buy some live plants... but, I will make sure the tank is fully cycled before I add any fish

i dont know how but when i got my 10 gallon tank i did not know to cycle it and put my fish in it, htey didnt die!


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I would definitely suggest danios. They are super hardy and easy to care for. Barbs are good too but depending on the type and number sometimes they can get aggresive. I have 4 red glass barbs and they fight amoung themselves sometimes. Also in an 18G you could put in maybe 3 corys... they seem to be super hardy for me and are alot of fun to watch and they are bottome dwellers for the most part so it adds a different level. Corys are definitely one of my favorite fish to keeps and are super cute towatch interact with each other and other fish. My personal experience with neon tetras is that they are NOT hardy.

It's best to use an additive

by ---

That removes chlorine and chloramine which you can buy at a pet store. You can also let the water sit out open for a day before adding it to the bowl, which will let the chlorine evaporate, but chloramine will remain if it's present.
Goldfish are a very messy fish. Most goldfish enthusiasts will tell you that it needs a minimum of 10 gallons for maximum health and life expectancy, but if it's a smaller fish you can get by with a smaller tank. At the very minimum I'd get one with a simple filter.

No, I don't.

by Purrrrrr

My fish are well taken care of and this arguing with me telling me to get rid of the filters is just stupid. Sorry but it is. If I had regular fish would you all tell me to do away with the filter, what about the Puffers tank, should I get rid of theirs too??? No.
And it's stupid to think how the pet stores take care of them is "right" *cough ML cough* Do you also think the way they keep their puppies is whats best for them? To live their entire lives in a tiny cage?????

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