Best fish tank for guppies

Choosing the Best Lighting For Your Fish Tank

Lighting is required for any aquarium, not only to bring your aquatic display to life with all its brilliant colors, but to mimic natural light which is required for healthy plant, coral and fish growth.

Fish-Only Lighting

Naturally, any lighting package suitable for a reef system would also be acceptable on a fish-only tank, but not necessary. Most fish don't need a light above them in the aquarium. The light in the room is plenty of light for the fish. But many people prefer a lighted aquarium, for a better view of the fish and to add a luminous effect to the tank. Remember to turn the light off when not viewing the aquarium. This will reduce the growth of algae and green water in your aquarium.
Single or double fluorescent tubes under hoods are easiest to install and maintain. You simply set it on the tank rim and turn it on. The quality of the actual tube is generally geared for freshwater guppies and goldfish, rather than marine fish. The bulbs for these light hoods are easily replaced when they burn out.

Fluorescent tubes provide varying degrees of color enhancement to the fish, that results in the gorgeous splash of vibrant colors that are attractive. The basic wattage in standard tubes vary from 15 watts to 40 watts output power. The tube length generally equates to tube wattage. For those wanting a small system up to 55 gallons, and have no intention beyond fish-keeping, these plastic hoods with their Standard or NO fluorescent tubes do a fine job and provide many years of reliable service. NO (Normal Output) fluorescent tubes feature a color temperature around 5500K and come with a stated useful lifespan of approximately 20, 000 hours of illumination. The NO tubes are quite reasonable in price for those that are on a budget or first time aquarium hobbyist. However, they will not be able to accommodate nor support any photosynthetic animals, or provide the output intensity required for other extremely light hungry marine denizens.

Basically what you are accomplishing is simple and straightforward, basic illumination and the simulation of the day-night cycle as found in Nature.

(Do not depend on the aquarium lights to heat the aquarium water, use an aquarium heater and thermometer.)

Reef Aquarium Lighting

Different types of lighting used in the Reef Aquaria:

1.) Fluorescents
• A - Normal Output (NO)
• B - High Output (HO)
• C - Very High Output (VHO)
• D - Power Compacts (PC)

2.) Metal Halides (MH)

It's best to use an additive

by ---

That removes chlorine and chloramine which you can buy at a pet store. You can also let the water sit out open for a day before adding it to the bowl, which will let the chlorine evaporate, but chloramine will remain if it's present.
Goldfish are a very messy fish. Most goldfish enthusiasts will tell you that it needs a minimum of 10 gallons for maximum health and life expectancy, but if it's a smaller fish you can get by with a smaller tank. At the very minimum I'd get one with a simple filter.

No, I don't.

by Purrrrrr

My fish are well taken care of and this arguing with me telling me to get rid of the filters is just stupid. Sorry but it is. If I had regular fish would you all tell me to do away with the filter, what about the Puffers tank, should I get rid of theirs too??? No.
And it's stupid to think how the pet stores take care of them is "right" *cough ML cough* Do you also think the way they keep their puppies is whats best for them? To live their entire lives in a tiny cage?????

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Monster Pets Penn Plax Cascade 700 GPH Canister Filter
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