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Chemical Filter Media Selection Guide

s your aquarium pollutant-free?

It is an unfortunate fact that a variety of harmful chemicals find their way into most home aquariums. Some pollutants, like copper, are even present in certain fish medications. Others, such as chlorine and heavy metals, are found in tap and well water. Still other pollutants, like ammonia, are byproducts of fish waste, uneaten food, or essential biological filtration.

Why should I use chemical filtration? Isn't biological and mechanical filtration enough?
A: Chemical filtration removes toxins that biological and mechanical filtration do not. Chemical filter media work at the chemical level to remove toxins that readily pass through your biological and mechanical filters.Chemi-Pure
Chemical filtration is the simplest way to remove these potentially dangerous pollutants from fresh and saltwater systems. There are a variety of chemical filter media available. Most chemical media remove specific pollutants from the water column while others are combined to create multi-functional chemical filter media that simplify removal of multiple pollutants. Find out which chemical media type best suits your aquarium's filtration needs for improved water quality.

Activated Carbon
Carbon is by far the most popular form of chemical filter media. It boasts a myriad of microscopic pores that bind with and remove dissolved particles from your aquarium's water.Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon pollutants including copper, chlorine, dissolved proteins, medications, and other organic and inorganic compounds. It also removes odors and discoloration to create crystal clear aquarium water. Since carbon loses its effectiveness as its pores fill, be sure to replace it frequently for optimal chemical filtration.

Zeolite is a mineral-based media with porous composition. It differs from other chemical filter media in that it specifically absorbs and removes ammonia and other nitrogenous compounds from freshwater aquariums.White Diamond Ammonia-Neutralizer m the water column. Some forms can also be soaked in saltwater to recharge their absorptive abilities for reuse within your aquarium filter. It is available in both natural and synthetic forms. While primarily used for freshwater applications, special zeolite media is also available for marine aquariums.

Phosphate Removers
This form of chemical filter media is also highly porous and super absorbent. It effectively binds large concentrations of phosphate, dissolved organic compounds, heavy metals, and other pollutants. High phosphate levels reduce water clarity and feed undesirable organisms, such as nuisance algae. In saltwater aquariums, phosphate can precipitate dissolved calcium and magnesium, vital for healthy coral growth. Many phosphate removers are formulated for long-lasting control and have high saturation points to help prevent absorbed pollutants from leaching back into your aquarium’s water. Though many forms of phosphate removers are available, most reef hobbyists prefer ferric oxide hydroxide-based formulas.

It's best to use an additive

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That removes chlorine and chloramine which you can buy at a pet store. You can also let the water sit out open for a day before adding it to the bowl, which will let the chlorine evaporate, but chloramine will remain if it's present.
Goldfish are a very messy fish. Most goldfish enthusiasts will tell you that it needs a minimum of 10 gallons for maximum health and life expectancy, but if it's a smaller fish you can get by with a smaller tank. At the very minimum I'd get one with a simple filter.

No, I don't.

by Purrrrrr

My fish are well taken care of and this arguing with me telling me to get rid of the filters is just stupid. Sorry but it is. If I had regular fish would you all tell me to do away with the filter, what about the Puffers tank, should I get rid of theirs too??? No.
And it's stupid to think how the pet stores take care of them is "right" *cough ML cough* Do you also think the way they keep their puppies is whats best for them? To live their entire lives in a tiny cage?????

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