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6 Steps on How To Breed Molly Fish in an Aquarium

how to breed molly fish First of all you will need the following items before you start breeding your molly fish.

  1. Live food
  2. Finely chopped vegetables
  3. Net breeder
  4. Aquatic plants
  5. Small plastic container
  6. Flaked fish food
  7. 15 – 20 gallon aquarium

Follow the below instructions

  1. Start off feeding your molly fish live brine shrimp and and chopped vegetables like cucumber to make their conditions for breeding better.It is recommended a ratio of three females to each male is the best for breeding.
  2. Now you have finished the first step you can watch your molly fish get pregnant. once your molly fish start to give birth get your net breeder ready you can either attatch it to side of your tank or just place on top of the water to float freely.
  3. Now you need to add a few floating plants in your net breeder and also bushy aquatic plant to form hiding places for the young fry.
  4. Now its time to sccop up all the fry with the plastic container try get as many fry as you can catch to put in the net breeder and they may not survive out side of it as there parants do tend to eat there own young.
  5. Start off feeding the young fry flake food make sure to crush the flake with your fingers into a sort of powder suitable for the small fry. if there are still fry in the main tank also drop some in there as well.
  6. Now you just after wait for you babey fry to grow a little bigger before releasing them back into the main tank it useually takes around 6 to 7 weeks before they a big enough. If released before this the still could be eaten.

Plus w/ 10+ gallons you can get all into the eco

by alamedachica

System: get a few bottom feeders like fresh water shrimp and/or dwarf cat fish, some sucker fish for the algae, some plants, etc. Guppies are great for a natural lesson in reproduction! I LOVE fish tanks. My hubby only lets me have a few & no more breeding allowed for me cuz I get obsessed. :0
BTW, Albany Aquarium is The BEST & is worth a drive toit if you're looking for inspiration and/or very healthy fish & good advice.

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