Best all round tropical fish food

What is the Best Fish Food for Freshwater Tropical Fish?

Now that you have your freshwater tropical fish aquarium all set up and your tropical fish are in the water you need to learn how and what to feed them. Freshwater tropical fish food comes in a wide range of different types such as frozen food, pellets, live food, flake food and you might even want to make some at home.

Tips for feeding the new Fish in your Freshwater Tropical Fish Aquarium

One rule of thumb when it comes to feeding your freshwater tropical fish is to never give them more than what they can eat in a few minutes. While this is true for all fish food it is especially important to remember when it comes to feeding your tropical fish the flake fish food. The reason you need to follow this rule especially with flake food is because the flakes will settle at the bottom of your freshwater tropical fish aquarium and could contaminate the filtration system in your tank. So remember that you should only feed your freshwater tropical fish the amount of food that they can eat in less than 3 minutes.

Another important thing to remember is that not all tropical fish food will satisfy all of the need of the different types of freshwater tropical fish. Every variety of freshwater tropical fish has its own individual needs and although one fish might thrive on a certain food another will not do so well. In addition to that you need to consider the fish and their age. At certain times in a tropical fish's life they may need a certain type of food. So remember that the food choice you make today for your freshwater tropical fish might not be the best choice for those same fish next year.

They don't in nature either, ceteribus paribus

by keloyd

"Aquarium Fish" is a term that casts a broad net. Assuming we mean the typical, small, freshwater varieties most often sold, many have a diet in nature of tiny *living* things. They, like us, have a heirarchy of what they prefer.
Gambusia are sold specifically for mosquito larvae control.
Guppies eat anything they can find, but probably greatly prefer fresh algae and small animals.
Goldfish will eat dead goldfish, but not if they have more appetizing fare, and not quickly.
the caricachins(sp?), aka tetras, contribute te most small, colorful tropical fish to the industry

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