Tropical fish for small Aquarium

Ideal fish for small tank?

The one fish per gallon is NOT used any more. As many mentioned each species has needs (territorial, swimming such as danios so on). (re ten for goldfish - Any good goldfish forum will inform one to have a least 20 gallons for each smaller gold fish due to water chemistry needs not just size.) Most fish as well, need both planted areas (some sleep amongst plants at night as well as utilize them during the day) and open swimming space. Like us, they like to move about and need stimulation for good health (read Desmond Morris - Zoologists, (or any of his great books) The Naked Ape on older types of zoos and abhorrent animal behavior due to stress of horrific conditions).

Cories do love to swim and in the wild are in huge schools in river systems (hundreds even thousands) like above post mentioned they swim all over if given the space.

The larger the tank size the better.

That said, some I've had that would do ok with smaller size and schooling as well - but due to size 5-7 at most depending on fish (or plant nice and have a great betta set up, java moss on wood, java ferns on rocks - happy betta!).

All need plants (Anubias is great as one doesn't need so much sand, a bit for bio culturing) Some can be on rocks, woods and other floating for cover. Most fish (unless specifically high light fish) like shade from plants due to their natural biotype. Remember, hardscape (filters, heater so on and plants rocks wood) take up space and reduce actual water amount.


Doctor Foster and Smith has a pet education site and list minimum tank size for each species.

Fish by type at Foster and Smith: (note the minimum of 30 gallon for goldfish and cory)


White cloud mountain minnow. (cooler water fish from Chinese rivers) Very pretty, now (see Dr. Foster and Smith) they have longer flowing fins as well as original. Plants.

(this site mentions danios ok for ten - I would not have a school under 20, long at that as they love to zoom full length like speeding bullets)

White cloud:

New type variation a real beauty:

Longer finned variant:

Priscella tetra... unlike some barbs and tetras, very peaceful... needs a school and plants. Two colors, normal and golden (bred).

They don't in nature either, ceteribus paribus

by keloyd

"Aquarium Fish" is a term that casts a broad net. Assuming we mean the typical, small, freshwater varieties most often sold, many have a diet in nature of tiny *living* things. They, like us, have a heirarchy of what they prefer.
Gambusia are sold specifically for mosquito larvae control.
Guppies eat anything they can find, but probably greatly prefer fresh algae and small animals.
Goldfish will eat dead goldfish, but not if they have more appetizing fare, and not quickly.
the caricachins(sp?), aka tetras, contribute te most small, colorful tropical fish to the industry

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