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Pacific East Aquaculture Coral Farm and Tropical Fish for Aquariums

Pacific East Aquaculture Retail Facility On the Eastern Shore of Maryland we operate the nation's largest indoor coral farm and reef livestock retail and wholesale outlets. Our facility is the first and only inspected, licensed, and certified coral aquaculture facility in the state of Maryland.


We operate the largest coral aquaculture facility and are one of the nation's largest coral and clam&nbsp retailers/wholesalers.

We have set up coral farms in the Solomon Islands and soon in French Polynesia, along with a clam propagation facility and full collection station where we collect and propagate clams, fish, inverts, and corals.

We have invested in the future of our hobby by growing thousands of corals in our own greenhouse coral farm.Fish System s with local universities.

We always stock&nbsp thousands of coral colonies, frags, inverts, clams, and fish, plus live rock, live sand, and dry goods. We offer the largest and most diverse selection of marine aquarium livestock in the U.S.

Dr. Mac, a Board-Certified veterinarian, has been a marine aquarium hobbyist since the 1960's and owns and personally manages&nbsp our coral farm and research projects.

Retail Outlet - A Reefkeepers Paradise

Want to personally see any item on this site, just stop by! Come on by and check us out, we are open for retail sales Monday through Saturday 11-5 pm, or by appointment.

Inside Retail FacilityWe provide educational&nbsp tours for many organizations, the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, Science Classes, and Retirement Centers. We also offer a program for Reef Clubs to come for a day and enjoy lunch on us.

Thousands of corals of every variety, hand-caught fish, clams, invertebrates of every type, and dry goods.
We also offer in-store discounts. Just call us if there is a particular coral or fish you are interested in. If we do not have it at the moment we can most likely get it for you!

Greenhouse frags growingState Licensed and Inspected Facility

Our facility is open to inspection at all times by state authorities.&nbsp

Our facility is&nbsp also used and available on a leased basis to government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and research institutions for the production of first and second generation captive grown corals for research purposes.

These companies and institutions require constant quality control and verification of standards.
Maryland's Department of Natural Resources Fisheries Service has granted us a Coral&nbsp Aquaculture Permit, number 2010-G-010 issued 2-18-2005, as the first facility to " Tank Culture Ornamental Corals" .

Our greenhouse frag facility was designed and built by us and was completed in November 2004. We now grow...

Our Greenhouse Corals in Vat Corals for sale in Retail facility

This is fun...

by cynical_girl

Smartass answer: Rock Star. So I could afford a personal trainer, all the life-enhancing chemistry I wanted, and access and ability to afford a great plastic surgeon.
truthful answer:
Probably running a doggie daycare facility, and/or an aquarium store (or at least run a business where I can breed and sell tropical fish)

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