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We came here on a whim the other day to see if they had actually improved (being that it had been a few months since our last visit), but we were disappointed to find that everything had only gotten worse....

1. Water levels in almost all of the tanks were so low that the filters weren't working and weren't providing surface agitation to give oxygen to the fish.
2. Bio sponges were so disgusting and covered with algae and fish waste that they were almost unrecognizable and OBVIOUSLY have not been cleaned in probably six months or more.
3. Dead fish were floating around everywhere, only adding to the filth.
4. Many of those that weren't dead were sick with ich, pop-eye, or sunken in stomachs - all thanks to the extremely POOR care they have received.

I don't understand how a fish store can be run in such a way. If the tanks are starting to look dirty - CLEAN THEM. If the fish are hungry - FEED THEM. If they are getting sick - TREAT THEM. If there's dead fish in the tank - TAKE THEM OUT. cience!

Don't own or work in a fish store if you don't know the first thing about taking care of them. If you don't know how to take care of them, how in the world are you going to recommend fish and proper care to customers? You're only setting people up to fail and that is NOT fair to them or to the fish.


  • Blood parrot with pop-eye, thanks to poor living conditions.
  • Dead fish decaying in tanks.

Fish question

by Ivarsgirl

I'm fairly new to keeping tropical fish but I love it :)
I have guppies, danios, mollies and plecos together in a tank. I noticed today at petsmart the guppies and mollies had a note "requires aquarium salt" but the danios and plecos did not. I picked some up.
I assume the plecos and danios will not be harmed by the salt if I put it in for the benefit of the others - but you know what happens when you assume.
Anyone out there know if it's OK to put it in?

Easy in a way...

by Kestrel_42

It is easier to care (longterm) for a larger tank than a smaller one, but it still takes work.
First, don't mix tropical fish and turtles. They have different needs (in terms of tank set-up) and anyway, the turtles will just snack on your fish. So figure out what you want in the tank first.
Starting a new fishtank takes a bit of time, because you shouldn't just go out, buy a tank and some fish and set it up all at once. Talk to some people at aa aquarium specilty store (please not a petsmart kind of place-they are clueless) an they will help you figure out your equipment needs, tank set-up etc.

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