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Why Not To Use “feeder Fish” To Cycle A Tank

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‌Another user previously wrote:

The “feeder fish” that the Petsmart employee showed us were Rosy Red Minnows. She told us we could put two of them in the tank to speed up the cycle process. I’ve already read where people have done this with this fish and the cloudy water cleared up much faster than simply waiting for that process to happen.

The PetSmart minnows are 15 cents; the feeder goldfish are 29 cents. It’s easy to think you’ll get one of those, and since it doesn’t cost much, it will be no big deal. And to you, the owner of those fish, it will likely speed up the process.

But only at the expense of the fish.

Imagine taking any living thing and asking it to hang out in a vat of untreated sewage. Sure, the sewage will start to go down, but only over time, and in the meantime the living critter is swimming in a bowl full of corroding harmful chemicals.

Wee fishEven though you want the water to look beautiful, just consider that if you do things right, in a month or so, you’ll have a beautiful living treasure that can be with you for the whole of its life in an aquarium that keeps it happy and healthy. But any “disposable” fish you use will have a worse off living situation than had they been purchased to be fed to a turtle or fish-eating species of fish. Then if they survive this process you now have some fish you can’t keep in the aquarium. You might get to know and like them over the period of their torture… then what? Flush them? Freeze them?

I KNOW how tempting it is, and I also know how nerve-wracking it is to give in to the temptation to listen to the Petsmart employees and buy the fish… .and watch them die. And worry day after day after day if you are killing the remaining fish, and coming home from a long day of work and having to take 10 gallons out of the aquarium and replace it with temp matched conditioned water. It’s a boatload of work. But doing it without fish is a whole lot easier, and less nerve wracking.

Fish question

by Ivarsgirl

I'm fairly new to keeping tropical fish but I love it :)
I have guppies, danios, mollies and plecos together in a tank. I noticed today at petsmart the guppies and mollies had a note "requires aquarium salt" but the danios and plecos did not. I picked some up.
I assume the plecos and danios will not be harmed by the salt if I put it in for the benefit of the others - but you know what happens when you assume.
Anyone out there know if it's OK to put it in?

Easy in a way...

by Kestrel_42

It is easier to care (longterm) for a larger tank than a smaller one, but it still takes work.
First, don't mix tropical fish and turtles. They have different needs (in terms of tank set-up) and anyway, the turtles will just snack on your fish. So figure out what you want in the tank first.
Starting a new fishtank takes a bit of time, because you shouldn't just go out, buy a tank and some fish and set it up all at once. Talk to some people at aa aquarium specilty store (please not a petsmart kind of place-they are clueless) an they will help you figure out your equipment needs, tank set-up etc.

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