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Setting up your 1st Tropical Fish Tank

Setting up your first Tropical Fish Tank

So, you’ve decided to buy an aquarium and have a nice tank of interesting Tropical Fish?

Sadly the process of getting it home, filling it with water and stocking it immediately with fish just cannot be done.

We’ll try to explain to you why, very basically, water which comes from our taps is unsuitable for Fish without further treatment.

After you have decided where to locate your new tank, it should be situated in a spot which does not receive too much sunlight, the first thing to consider is that water companies treat water with Chlorine which is toxic to fish, so you have to neutralise that, this is easily done by adding a prescribed amount of any of the commercially-available Water Treatments usually called Water Conditioner, especially made to do this job.

Next thing to bear in mind, and a really important one, is that you should not use water from your hot water tank as it is made from copper, and copper – along with other ‘heavy metals’ can be lethal to aquatic life.

You may say that your drinking (cold water) tap is supplied with water which passes through copper pipes but much less is

leached into the water from the shorter length of copper, what little gets in is dealt with by the previously-mentioned Water Treatment.

Next you need to choose a substrate for the base of the tank, it can be gravel or sand, and top it up with treated water – now for the fish? The answer is still most definitely “NO”.

Go back two steps – your substrate has to be thoroughly washed

and washed again. For gravel use a fine-meshed colander set over a bucket and quarter-fill the colander with your gravel.

Over this run water through a hosepipe at high enough pressure to make the gravel ‘tumble’ but not so much that it ‘tumbles’

out of the colander.

The water running through and into the bucket is constantly thrown away and this continues until it runs clear.

This method can be equally well used to wash sand too, but without the colander as the sand would be washed through its holes.

Do this outdoors, gravel and sand have a nasty habit of getting washed over the sides of the bucket and if enough reaches the U-bend under the sink it will block it.

So now, you have your substrate washed and put in place…what next? It’s time to position the heater and filter,

as well hidden as is possible and place the thermometer in

a spot where you can monitor it.

Now is the time to put in any rocks or wood (previously washed), do this carefully and achieve the sort of image you

are planning to create, it’s much easier to do this before you

put the water in than when the tank is filled up.

Finally it is time to top up with water.

The best way to do this with as little disturbance to your

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