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  • Photo Gallery
    The photo gallery area lets you create your own personal albums and upload your aquarium and tropical fish photos for all to enjoy.
  • Cichlid of the Month
    An article on a specifiic cichlid, Started by Dan. The articles are about a cichlid that he had personally worked with. He had breed Central and South American cichlids as well as some West African cichlids for over 30 years. If you would like to add one please contact me.
  • Species Gallery

gallery thumbnailThis section contains a large species photo gallery divided into the various families with the scientific and common names. The Photo Gallery area lets you upload your aquarium photos for all to enjoy. Searchable.

  • Disease Identification
    Fish Palaces' disease section recreated to help all hobbyist. Photos, causes and cures are found here in one of the best tools available on the web.
  • Fish Compatibility Charts
    A chart with a listing of fish compatibility with themselves and other species. If you want to know how that new fish is going to get along with your others this is the place to find out.
a beautiful planted aquarium
Fishkeeping ABCs

Thinking of getting started in this great hobby? Need some questions answered, what will be involved? These sections will give you all the information you need Before you run out and spend your hard earned money.

  • Fish Anatomy
    A first look at what a fish is. This section will point out their different parts, help you in their identification and sexing.
  • Articles
    Reader-submitted articles. These cover a wide range of subjects and should prove helpful to all. Submit yours!
  • Basics A complete subsection on setting up your your first stats thumbnail re of your fish and much more. "ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW"
  • Step by Step
    Thinking of setting up a 75-gallon fish tank? This section is written by a reader who told his story with pictures and text.
  • Aquatic Diseases
    A listing of common aquatic ailments with symptoms, causes and possible cures.
  • Breeding Tips
    General guidelines for the breeding of tropical fish.latest profile t each one does, and my recommendations for the ones you need.
  • FAQ
    Commonly asked questions with their answers. If you have a question check it out.
  • Aquatic Glossary
    A large aquatic term glossary. All the technical terms are defined. Terms related to plants will be green.

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Need a great source for supplies and Livestock

From the standard community setup to the species aquarium this area will outline the different choices available. Each section will tell you what you need to know and any specialized requirements you may need meet. With the wealth of species available today it is easy to branch out and try your hand at the many different biotopes.

Take a Look!

Um how long has it been since U've Been 70's?!

by JustaFewFreethings2See

These are all free most are within walking distance
Atlantis Aquarium (50K tank w/over 500 types fish) (Huge tank with tropical fish I have never seen such a cool tank before. (even in hawaii not as nice)
Fountains Bellagio: Fountains in tune w/music &lights free every night 3-7
Free Magic/show and Rainstorm (very cool) Planet hollywood free every day
Volcano at the Mirage: free
Masquerade Show in the Sky: Trapeeze and dancers in sky at Rio for free in costume & they do a show
Fremont Street Experience: free
Flamingo Habitat free: REally beautiful park with live flamingos and swans and other animals you can see for free
Treasure Island Show: free show
Mystic Falls Park: Indoor air-conditioned waterfall and park with...

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