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Feature Species Profile - Guppies are an excellent choice for the beginning aquarist. There are numerous colorful variations and tail shapes. They are closely related to the Endler's Livebearer. Guppies are extremely popular not only for their color, but for their hardiness and the ease with which they produce live young. Guppies can survive easily on flake foods, but they also appreciate freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex, and brine shrimp. The males mature in 2 months and the females in 3 months with the females being larger. The females have almost no color and have a large dark gravid spot near their anal fin as their young develop. The male has a gonopodium which is extended to fertilize the female internally. Females can have young every 5 weeks.... more

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Feature Photo Orange Blotch Zebra

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Um how long has it been since U've Been 70's?!

by JustaFewFreethings2See

These are all free most are within walking distance
Atlantis Aquarium (50K tank w/over 500 types fish) (Huge tank with tropical fish I have never seen such a cool tank before. (even in hawaii not as nice)
Fountains Bellagio: Fountains in tune w/music &lights free every night 3-7
Free Magic/show and Rainstorm (very cool) Planet hollywood free every day
Volcano at the Mirage: free
Masquerade Show in the Sky: Trapeeze and dancers in sky at Rio for free in costume & they do a show
Fremont Street Experience: free
Flamingo Habitat free: REally beautiful park with live flamingos and swans and other animals you can see for free
Treasure Island Show: free show
Mystic Falls Park: Indoor air-conditioned waterfall and park with...

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