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What Accessories to Purchase for a Fish Tank

Fluval 305 external aquarium filter, picture 1 There are many potential fish keepers wandering around the pet stores looking at their future tanks, not realizing the purchase of the tank is only the first step towards setting up a good, healthy aquarium. There are many accessories to the tank that are required, not by choice but by need. The costing of the set up should include all of these before the initial purchase of the tank is undertaken. Nowadays it is possible to buy complete packages i.e. the tank plus everything you need to set it all up, but in most cases the extras are usually not of the standard that you would get if the equipment was purchased separately. This is not true in all cases and often novice keepers will purchase the packages with the intention of upgrading equipment further down the line as they get more experienced. link exchange

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The golden rule before actually buying your tank is to think first, get an idea in your head of what fish etc. that you wish to keep. Researching these fish will tell you which size of tank will be best for your and your fishes needs. The size of the tank will determine which accessories you will need for the tank as they all range in power ratings dependant on water volumes.Fluval 305 external aquarium filter, picture 2 quite expensive.

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You are now the proud owner of a new tank, at this stage you will already have an idea in your head of which fish you are going to add. Basically there are three main setups that you have to choose from, coldwater, tropical, or saltwater. There are smaller variations that are a bit of a mix from the main three but for now these will be the easiest to explain.

If you have decided to go for a coldwater setup then there will be no need to heat the water to a temperature to suit the fish. Many fish keepers will start off with this set up to gain some experience before venturing onto the other two.

If you are keeping tropical or saltwater, a heater is a must. All fish species have preferred temperatures that they like to live in, always research your fish before you buy. The heaters that are used in fish tanks are very easy to use. They consist of a submersible glass tube that contains an element to heat the water; this is controlled by a thermostat which will normally be built into the heater. There is a dial on top of the heater that allows you to set the correct temperature, the heater is placed in the water and then plugged in, it may take a few hours for the water to warm up but that is quite normal. You will probably find that the temperature may not be exactly the same as the temperature that you have set, this is also quite normal, a small adjustment up or down will rectify this. There are more expensive heaters on the market that have separate thermostats and are made from titanium casings, but for most tanks a standard heater is sufficient. You are probably asking yourself now, how do I know what the water temperature is and what size heater should I be using?

The size of the heater required does depend on the water volume of the tank, at the pet stores the packaging for the heaters should display a table with all the information but a quick guide is tanks of 25 liters will only need a 50 watt heater, whereas a tank of 100 liters will need a heater of 200 watts. Exterior room temperature will have an effect on the temperature inside the tank as well.

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These are all free most are within walking distance
Atlantis Aquarium (50K tank w/over 500 types fish) (Huge tank with tropical fish I have never seen such a cool tank before. (even in hawaii not as nice)
Fountains Bellagio: Fountains in tune w/music &lights free every night 3-7
Free Magic/show and Rainstorm (very cool) Planet hollywood free every day
Volcano at the Mirage: free
Masquerade Show in the Sky: Trapeeze and dancers in sky at Rio for free in costume & they do a show
Fremont Street Experience: free
Flamingo Habitat free: REally beautiful park with live flamingos and swans and other animals you can see for free
Treasure Island Show: free show
Mystic Falls Park: Indoor air-conditioned waterfall and park with...

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