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I was very excited when I first started my fish tank. We went to this pet store and saw different fish breeds and aquariums that I started salivating involuntarily. I can still remember the feeling and until now, knowing that someone is about to start with his own aquarium still makes me feel excited.

But one thing I learned is that you should not get carried away with a salesperson’s sales pitch about the specific species of fish that you should initially buy. For one, success of your aquarium depends largely on the correct selection of fish. And this is where I failed at the start. The salesperson advised me to buy Betta fish, and because I was so amazed at the flared, colorful fins, I took his advice, bought a couple and some Cherry Barbs, also a very attractive fish, and known to be “peaceful” fishes (but some can be aggressive types). I found out too late that it was the wrong decision as Betta fishes are more comfortable “alone” and prefers small aquariums than large ones. The result? My Cherry Barbs (unfortunately, I got the aggressive ones) ate the Bettas’ fins. So, I had no option but to transfer the Bettas (now with nipped fins) into another smaller aquarium.

Selecting the Perfect Fish for Beginners

It is always said that for starters, you must choose fish breeds considered as hardy fish. This simply means that the fish is easy to maintain and can easily adapt to any fish habitat. They are also perfect for “cycling” your fish tank, which happens when hardy fish “removes” traces of ammonia and nitrates in your aquarium.

Barbs. These are a good choice is you’re just starting this hobby. They are semi-aggressive so ensure that you do not include peace-loving fish breeds such as Bettas and angelfish in the same tank. This is because the Barbs can overpower the peaceful fishes. This would probably stress them especially when the Barbs go after them and eat their fins. Likewise, they are territorial so if you have a large aquarium, having them is not going to be a problem. Otherwise, don’t even consider getting Barbs if your tank is less than 20 gallons.

Danios. They are considered one of the best starter fishes for freshwater aquariums because of their small size, the aesthetics they provide (they look good when all Danios swim together), and they are not fussy about water temperature.

Suckermouth Catfish. Also known as Janitor fish, they belong to a group called bottom feeders and scavenger fishes. These types of fish subsist on algae, thus, they are good aquarium “cleaners”. The only problem with these types of fishes is that you can only add them to your aquarium when your tank has already fully cycled. Why? Because most bottom feeders are highly sensitive to ammonia and nitrate. Sharks also belong to this type of fishes.

There is a saltwater aquarium

by Popogisho

In my bedroom.The tank contains a clown fish (ala Nemo) and a turbo snail. Both were given into my care 7 years ago when a friend moved and told me he was going to "dump" them.
I have done my best to take care of them and both are active (the snail less so obviously)and seem content. However the idea of keeping a wild animal in a fish tank **is** uncomfortable for me.
They eat seaweed (that I buy) and fish food which has so far always been given to me.
I tell myself that I have given them the best life I could, and I know I would never *buy* tropical fish and invertebrates

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