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Here is our 30 Gallon glass corner aquarium. I bought the tank and stand on craigslist. I designed the aquascape myself. It's been maturing a long time and w...

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I found a cool fish tank that fits perfectly in the corner of my desk area and am now setting it up. Its a Fluval Spec V, just 5 gallons, and its long and thin with a neat light bar on the top. I've added plants, gravel and water and am ...

If you liked this video, you will LOVE my book: follow me on facebook: This is a video on how to build a...

There is a saltwater aquarium

by Popogisho

In my bedroom.The tank contains a clown fish (ala Nemo) and a turbo snail. Both were given into my care 7 years ago when a friend moved and told me he was going to "dump" them.
I have done my best to take care of them and both are active (the snail less so obviously)and seem content. However the idea of keeping a wild animal in a fish tank **is** uncomfortable for me.
They eat seaweed (that I buy) and fish food which has so far always been given to me.
I tell myself that I have given them the best life I could, and I know I would never *buy* tropical fish and invertebrates

Uppity... Pillars? What The Hell?


By Hunter
Thu Aug 28, 2008 at 02:00:10 PM PDT
Gawd. So they're really going with this, eh? Their attack is going to be that the elitist Barack Obama is using... ETHNIC ARCHITECTURE?
What the h... I mean, how does... with the... and half of D.C... the White House... aaaargh.
Holy Fucking Thundercats, I can't even find words for the stupid. Nobody can be this stupid. Nobody. Not even in politics. Not even among Republicans. I don't care if they're paying you to be this stupid, I don't care if you're having daily meetings to decide how to best be stupid, I don't care if you're an ten-time gold medalist in synchronized stupidity, it's not possible

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