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New to the Aquarium Hobby? 12 Considerations

Aquariums are a wonderful hobby, providing hours of restful, beautiful entertainment. They can be a great way for children to learn about ecosystems, and they can help to relieve the stress of everyday life. They do require some work, thought, and planning, and this article will help you to get started.

Your first consideration should be whether you can give your fish the care, time, and patience that they will need from you. Fish can be a large time and financial commitment, because they need special attention and equipment. And, since different fish have different needs, a trip to the library, book store, or to the book section on a web site or mail order catalog makes a good starting point. For every kind of fish that you consider, you should address the following twelve areas of concern.

1. Start-up cost and fish type
2. Aquarium size and placement
3. Patience and the nitrogen cycle
4. Filtration equipment
5. Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizers
6. Aquarium lighting
7. Heaters and thermometers
8. Test kits and the addition of chemicals
9. upplements
10. Health control
11. Buying healthy fish from the start
12. Do not forget the live plants

1. Start-up Cost and Fish Type
Keeping aquarium fish typically has a fairly high start-up cost. This is mostly due to all the equipment needed to provide the fish with a proper environment. Purchasing an aquarium, filters, lights, and other essentials can add up quickly if you are not careful. Fish themselves, can range from inexpensive to very expensive for special or rare species.Nitrogen Cycle ing freshwater fish enthusiast, a typical start-up cost can range from $200 and up, depending on the types of fish and equipment selected. Marine (saltwater) fish and marine tank setups will cost more than freshwater setups. In both cases, the larger the tank the higher the cost will be.

A typical tropical freshwater aquarium can safely support one inch of fish per gallon of water, although this will vary with the amount of water surface area (More surface area allows more oxygen, which supports more fish. Fish length is calculated at full-grown size, less the tail measurement.). Some fish are schooling fish, which by nature are more comfortable in bigger groups. Other fish may not like to be in an aquarium with any others of their own species. And, if they are territorial - as most marine fish and some freshwater fish can be - they will need more room in the aquarium than the average one-inch per gallon.

Both marine and freshwater setups have benefits and drawbacks. Marine fish are more colorful and beautiful, but require a higher level of care and expertise, so for a beginning fish enthusiast, a freshwater aquarium is recommended. Freshwater aquariums tend to be easier to maintain than marine aquariums because there are fewer chemical imbalances to worry about.

Canister Filters Assorted Fish Foods Live Plants

New tank + maybe too many fish?

by CatMagnet

It does take a minimum of 6 weeks for a new aquarium to fuly establish and that is if you have some sort of filteration system which I'm not sure if you do. 7 gallons is a very small amount of water and you really can't have too many fish in there, especially not while it's new.
If you have more than 3 or 4 fish you are probably overstocked for now. When establishing a new aquarium it's best to start with just a few fish in order to allow the bacteria to get established.
If you can say how many and what kind of fish you have in there now I can probably help you more.

What's the best store 4 tropical fish in ABQ?

by verminsservant

I'm new to ABQ & need a recomendation 4 the best pet store (staff knows their stuff) for aquarium fish (i.e., no dead ones in tank, consisently healthy fish) & supplies (esp. fresh plants) in the area. Anyone have a nice selection of ornamental g goldfish? Thanks. It's too quiet w/o an aquarium in the house!

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