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Adding the beauty and serenity of fish and their fish tanks to your home is a sure-fire way to enliven almost any room. From simple half-gallon fish bowls and desktop aquariums to decorative Enchanted Evening Betta Bowls and breath-taking tropical aquarium towers, there is a multitude of aquarium tanks available to suit your personal style and home décor. Often chosen as pets for being relatively low maintenance and peacefully alluring, fish make excellent pets for people of varying ages and experience levels. As saltwater aquariums and reef tanks generally require more care and maintenance than freshwater bowls and fish tanks, saltwater tanks can also be more rewarding as they can showcase more exotic species of fish, marine invertebrates, corals and plants. Of the many aquarium tanks available, determine which one is right for you and brighten up your home today.

Most novice aquarists begin with freshwater bowls and other types of beginner aquariums, such as a desktop aquarium kit that is complete with a freshwater tank, filter, filter cartridge, lighted hood, water conditioner and food. While these kits contain basic accessories for most beginner fish tanks, there is more fun to be had in choosing your own plants, rocks, colored substrates and decorative ornaments. There are aquariums that have been specifically designed for display on shelves, while there are some that are equipped with reversible backgrounds to change with your mood. There are even octagon-shaped aquarium tanks that act as unique tables, hold up to 28-gallons of water, and never fail as an interesting conversation piece for entertaining guests.

As all fish tanks require a certain level of maintenance in order to preserve the health and vitality of your fish, it is important that aquarists of all levels clean their aquariums regularly. This may entail knowing how to properly cycle the water in various saltwater tanks as well as keeping your aquarium water conditioned and balanced. By learning more about proper tank care, you can become a more responsible pet parent as well as a more knowledgeable aquarist. From the simple single gallon Goldfish or Betta bowls that are available, along with 1.5 and 2.5-gallon freshwater tanks and more complex 50-gallon saltwater aquarium tanks, find the right tank for you and your home today.

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Terrarium/Aquarium with MEDICINAL CANNABIS

by ZEN_DOG13

I am a CA resident and am planning to legally grow some Ganja for personal/homeopathic use.
Rather than devoting an entire room of my home to cultivation, I have recently been doing some research on terrariums, vivariums, and paludariums, and have always had fish tanks my whole life, so the aquarium aspect I am trained in.
I just bought a 50gal tank for $40 (thanks CL) and I was planning on building a terranium/aquarium hybrid (paludarium's the name for this). The tank is 4 feet long, by 1 foot deep, by 18 inches tall. I know from past experience that ganja plants grow at least 3 feet before they can be harvested for medicine, but there are methods for growing them lower to the ground by training them (using poles and string, etc

I agree with almost everything

by simp1icity

Purr said. They're tropical fish and should have a heater and filter. There are heaters made for small tanks, but they're hard to find and you don't want to cook him. I do have one in a tank with an incandescent bulb on all the time.
Can you move the filter to one end of the tank so he can get away from the flow if he wants? put a rock or silk plant (silk is better for delicate fins) under it to break up the flow? The filter is to remove toxins, bettas don't need it for air as they are labyrinth fish. They can go up to the surface for fresh air.
Betta splendens is the species commonly kept as pets

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  • Heating cable with suction cups for perfect positioning
  • Works completely safe submerged in water or in a dry habitat
  • Totally safe - double silicone insulation guarantees total safety
  • 75W, 32-52 gal aquariums
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