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The Top Three Tropical Fish Care Supplies

Perusing the stock of tropical fish supplies at any given pet store or aquarium shop, you’re likely to come across an incredible variety of products, some of which may be more essential than others. From the most standard of aquarium tanks to the most whimsical accessories and decorations, the amount of items available for today’s tropical fish tanks is truly astounding. You don’t have to wander the aisles endlessly in search of great tropical fish supplies, however.

Some of the best products for modern tropical fish tanks are based on leading technologies, while others are decidedly low-tech. The best items for your tank are sure to strike a good balance between necessary aquarium components and your personal preferences, though these top three supplies can help make nearly any tank more efficient.

Top Tropical Fish Care Supplies #1

Do-it-Yourself brine shrimp hatchery. Brine shrimp is a commonly-used fish food that can be mixed with a regular diet of flakes to produce healthy fish species. You can create your very own hatchery of brine shrimp in your home for inexpensive treats and to help feed baby fish with plenty of protein. All you need is a soda bottle, some thin tubing, an air pump, aquarium salt and brine shrimp eggs, and you’ll be on your way to a great tank accessory.

Top Tropical Fish Care Supplies #2

UV sterilizer. There are many types of diseases, bacteria, viruses, and plant products that can threaten the health of your tank, and regular cleanings may not take care of everything on their own. A UV sterilizer uses ultra-violet rays to get rid of potentially harmful substances in your tank, promoting healthier fish and plants. To keep your fish protected, however, you’ll need to make sure you understand proper usage for this equipment before you introduce it to your tank.

Top Tropical Fish Care Supplies #3

LED aquarium lighting. Possibly on the expensive side for some tank owners, LED lighting is nevertheless a treat item for a wish list or to incorporate with a premium aquarium setup. This type of lighting is far more energy-efficient than other options, and tends to last longer, as well. Their small size means you can create a number of different configurations to get the perfect lighting environment, ensuring happy fish and a great-looking tank.

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by Carnivora

Go to a good aquarium supply store - one dedicated to fish/fish supplies, rather than a pet-outlet. We used one on my dad's 55 gal tropical freshwater tank in the 70s-90s. But you need to get the siphoning started with the garden faucet, and the drain point really should be lower than the suction point.

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