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There are over 25, 000 species of fish. Fish at large are divided into three groups; bony, cartilaginous and jawless fish, the size ranging from a 45 foot (whale shark) to a 8 mm long (dwarf gopi). Four types of fish are kept in the home aquarium:-

Tropical fish - are fish that live in either salt or freshwater but needs a warm (tropical) medium or temperature to live.

Coldwater fish - these fish can be salt or fresh water fish which needs colder water temperatures.

Marinefish - these are fish that live in salty seawater. Most commonly, marine fishes need tropical climate.

Freshwater fish - these fish live in freshwater and are usually the fish that you would find in inland rivers and streams of most continents. They can be as colourful as marine fish and yet need less care. Most freshwater fish in the ornamental hobby are tropical fish, which require a heater.

In short, the types can be Tropical Freshwater species, Tropical Marine species, Coldwater Fresh water species and Coldwater Marine species. Broadly the most common classification is Fresh water fish and Marine water fish. Some of the most common fresh water aquarium fishes are the gold fish, Koi (common carp), guppy, molly, swordtail, angelfish etc. Among the Marine aquarium fish species, damsel fish, clown fish (anemone fish) etc are best for beginners where as dragonets and lionfish should be kept only by experienced breeders with large tanks. Sharks, rays, batfishes etc should be avoided. Fresh water species are easier to keep than marine species. Many marine species will be completely incompatible and necessitate careful selection of species when choosing which fish to keep in ones aquarium.

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Sir i have fish tank 2' x 1' x 1', include goldfish 4, sakar 2, Koi 1, and Angle 1. Last week per day 1/2 two fish die, after that i change the water, also put tablet as per instruction of fish dealer. but after that 2 goldfish and 1 koi and 1 subhankar is dead. tel l me how i maintained my fish tank with goldfish and which is the cofish with goldfish.


Dear sir, instead of having a variety of fishes who shares different habitats, one should lay more emphasis on the ecosystem of the aquarium. Your fish tank is relatively small and therefore just 4-5 goldfishes including one black moor (from feng-shui point of view)without including koi or angels. Change water after at least 3-4 weeks time (use good filters and O2 pump) and feed less pallets to fishes. Add prescribed amount of anti-fungals and please add little bit of salt at the time of changing water/cleaning the tank.



You should keep it in the North-East corner of the house.

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Goldfish Need A Colder Tank Than Tropical Fish

by hdhnterpaul

So you can't keep them both in the same tank.
Plus, as was said, the gold fish will easily outgrow a small tank and even a moderately large tank will only hold so many gold fish once they grow as large as they do.
Eight to ten inches is not unusual for a common goldfish.
I'd suggest a twenty to thirty gallon freshwater tropical fish 'community aquarium' consisting of 'live bearers' such as guppies, platys and swordtails. These fish are easiest to keep.
No, it should not be expected you will lose a few fish at the beginning- that is a typical Petco employee for you

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