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3 Ways for Callaway Bass

This is an article as it appeared in the Game and Fish publication, Georgia Sportsman in February 2008

***EDIT*** April 2012 Since writing this article I’m afraid that the quality of the fishing in the private lakes at Callaway has suffered greatly. It is my understanding that those lakes are no longer managed for fishing. You can still arrange a fishing trip but they have not been fertilized or controlled for a few years. Mountain Creek Lake seems to still be good for people who know the lake well and are experienced bass fishermen.

3 Ways For Callaway Bass

Plenty of us have simultaneously admired Callaway Gardens’ flora and drooled over the fantastic-looking bass water along its pathways. Happily, the angler will find a trio of options for fishing those ponds. (February 2008).

By Carl Warmouth

It was a fateful phone call during the summer of 1999 that eventually led to my job at Callaway Gardens.

Photo courtesy of Polly Dean.

I had called an executive at a well-known fly-rod manufacturer and explained to him that, as a fly-fishing guide, I was putting his company’s rods in the hands of my clients on a daily basis and had sold dozens of them that way. I suggested he show a little appreciation in the form a few freebies passed along my way.

He responded by telling me that he had worked for this company for 25 years and the only thing he ever got for free was whatever he stole; then he said that he’d see what he could do. I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly, but not wanting to incriminate myself, I just said OK.

I never did get a free fly rod out of the deal. But in the course of the conversation, the exec told me that he’d heard through the grapevine that Callaway Gardens was looking for someone to run fishing operations there. Like so many other people I was only vaguely aware that this 13, 000-acre resort and botanical garden in Pine Mountain even had a fishing operation. The most beautiful azalea display I had ever seen? Yes. One of the nation’s largest tropical butterfly conservatories? Yes. Luxury accommodations? Sure. I even knew that Callaway Gardens offered world-class golf, but the fishing opportunities seemed to fly under the radar.

A few days later I made contact with Callaway Gardens and within a couple weeks I was interviewing for the job. The highlight of the interview process came when one of the guides took me fishing to determine if I knew what I was doing.

It was a miserably hot August day and the guide frankly told me that he doubted we would enjoy much success. For the first hour we caught nothing — not even a bite. Then suddenly it turned on. Over the next two hours we caught numerous bass in the 3- to 6-pound range. I left that day feeling confident I would get the job.

I’m also happy to say that eight years later I still feel the same as I did that day — for quality bass fishing, Callaway Gardens ranks among the best there is.

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Goldfish Need A Colder Tank Than Tropical Fish

by hdhnterpaul

So you can't keep them both in the same tank.
Plus, as was said, the gold fish will easily outgrow a small tank and even a moderately large tank will only hold so many gold fish once they grow as large as they do.
Eight to ten inches is not unusual for a common goldfish.
I'd suggest a twenty to thirty gallon freshwater tropical fish 'community aquarium' consisting of 'live bearers' such as guppies, platys and swordtails. These fish are easiest to keep.
No, it should not be expected you will lose a few fish at the beginning- that is a typical Petco employee for you

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