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The species from Lake Malawi

Cichlids are by far the most interesting tropical fish that you can keep in an aquarium! The species are from Lake Malawi, (also known as Lake Nyasa, Lake Nyassa, Lake Niassa, and Lago Niassa in Mozambique), an African Great Lake and the most southerly lake in the East African Rift valley system. The lake’s tropical waters abound with more fish species than any other lake on Earth.

Kenyi are herbivores (plant eaters), so a diet consisting mostly of vegetable and algae is best. Kenyi are one of the most aggressive Mbuna existing. Unfortunately, because of their pretty, blue coloring, they are also one of the most commonly available mbuna. The little blue babies will grow up to 6″, typically taking over a tank and often shocking other inhabitants.

Given the right size tank, ie: Large, long and shallower, they can be kept with others very successfully with restricted aggression. As babies, both sexes will be a bright blue with barring. As they mature, males transform from blue, to a golden yellow, with barring becoming very faint at most times. Females will stay blue. Often only the dominant male will transform, and subdominant males can keep female coloring to prevent a beating from the most dominant male.

Nimbochromis venustusKenyi are a very easy fish to breed, as long as proper conditions are maintained, again: A proper ph. 7.7 – 8.6, water temperature between 78 and 82, and plenty of rocks. Because of the male’s aggressive disposition, it’s best to have four of five females to a single male.

Provide plenty of hiding spots for females to seek shelter from the aggressive male’s attention. Kenyi are mouthbrooders, so the female will pick up the eggs and store them in her mouth for approximately 24-30 days, at which time the young are prepared to be released.

Giraffe cichlids are like their familiar name suggests, the coloration is reminiscent of that of a giraffe. They usually have a yellowish-white body, with large brown spots. Males often have a blue coloration when sexually active, with the blue being most intense on the head. Giraffes are very aggressive, therefore, in your cichlid aquarium, the only appropriate tropical fish that can be kept with it are other large ones.

Basically, any smaller cichlids will turn into food. This species is carnivorous (meat eater). In the wild, this species hunts smaller cichlids, by digging into the sand. It remains motionless until the prey are within reach.

They are best kept with 2-3 (or more) females for every male, as this will stop the attack from being concentrated on one female breeding cichlid. Provide the female cichlid with adequate cover in the fish tank to hide from the aggressive male. Follow the same steps you would with breeding any mouthbrooder.

"You have been warned"

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Looking forward, based again on my years of covering Third World disasters, here are my concerns:
1.) The Mississippi Delta region is the natural ecological home of a long list of infectious microbial diseases. It is America's tropical region, more akin ecologically to Haiti or parts of Africa than to Boston or Los Angeles. The most massive Yellow Fever epidemics in the Americas all swept, in the 19th Century, up the Mississippi from the delta region. Malaria was not eradicated from the area until after World War II. Isolated cases of dengue fever, another mosquito-borne disease, have been spotted in the region over the last ten years

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