Tropical fish being aggressive

Cichlid Aggression

Learn about the causes of cichlid aggression and methods for reducing it.

African cichlids are a favorite among aquarists due to their interesting behavior, relative ease of breeding for many species, and bright coloration. However, many cichlid aquariums end in disaster due to poor planning. Proper planning is required because many of the species native to the rift lakes of Africa are very aggressive. While this aggression can never be fully eliminated (and who would want to? – it is one of the things that make these fish so interesting), it can be reduced such that you do not come home one day to find half your tank wiped out.

The main methods used to reduce aggression include combining fish with similar size and temperament characteristics, combining fish with different coloration and patterns, appropriate feeding, combining fish that occupy different levels in the aquarium, providing enough horizontal space, providing adequate cover, sexing your cichlids, overstocking, and rearranging your aquarium.

Similar Size and Temperament

African cichlids can vary widely in their adult sizes. This is important to remember because most are sold as juveniles and they all look the same size at this stage in their lives. You need to do some research before you buy any species so you can make sure not to combine a species that will reach 10” with one that will reach 4”. If you do not do the research, the 4” fish will become a snack.

It is also important to ensure that the species are of similar temperaments. If you combine a highly aggressive species with a rather docile one, the aggressive one will make quick work of the other fish. However, if you combine two aggressive fish, they will both be able to fend for themselves and no one will end up being picked on.

Freshwater aquarium

by sage9x

A saltwater aquarium is going to be a massive time suck and a money pit. I advise against it. I really enjoyed my freshwater aquarium, but I never really had a problem with hard water. They make water conditioners for that, though.
I really enjoyed my freshwater aquarium. It was not that expensive, and if you get the right kind of fish, they are hard to kill. I stuck with Rafael catfish(hard to find the spotted kind), senegal bichirs(some people call them dinosaur eels), chichlids(super aggressive), and oscars. Don't forget to also include an algea eater(like a pleco), and several mystery snails

Adult Corydoras Catfish to a good home.

by Manticor892

I have a twenty five gallon tall planted aquarium and I bought a tiny little cory cat not realizing at the time that they grow to be ~3 inches long. I have plenty of room in my tank but honestly my cat has become too aggressive to other bottom feeders like algae eaters for me to keep him. The aggression is probably due to the size of my tank and my oversight. He has never been aggressive to mid or high water community fish. I am happy to give him away to someone who has a good size freshwater aquarium. I can provide a picture if necessary but a quick Google of corydoras will give you a good idea

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